Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 1? 06/30/2017

On Thursday’s Big Brother 19 episode, Cody Nickson won the first head of household. This was his second straight competition win in only two days. Cody set his sights on targeting Paul Abrahamian, via the Big Brother backdoor. His new alliance member Mark Jansen felt targeting Paul this soon wasn’t good for anyone’s Big Brother 2017 game. However, Cody seemed set on his ways.

Big Brother 2017 Julie Chen

Big Brother 19 live feed watchers got a shock last night: Megan Lowder left the Big Brother house. It was originally believed by viewers (and houseguests) that she self-evicted. However, Megan has taken to social media to dismantle those rumors with the truth.

She claims that the producers and her decided that the game was too much for her, and she needed to exit it. Megan then went to the hospital. It sounds like she had a bit of a mental breakdown in the Big Brother 19 house, and then left for her own mental health. We at Big Brother Access wish her well, and hope she’s taking care of herself.

Due to Megan’s early exit, Cody needed to name a replacement nominee; someone to sit on the block next to Jillian Parker. Due to some supposed cattiness and jealousy (according to Alex Ow), Alex ended up on the block next to Jillian.

Earlier today the power of veto players were picked. They were Jason Dent, Matthew Clines, and Raven Walton. Alex needs the power of veto the most because she seems to be the target this week.

All the players picked (with the exception of Jason, who probably won’t but has the possibility to use the veto), will not use the veto on Alex or Jillian. Cody’s original plan to backdoor Paul has died. Paul and Cody have developed an amicable relationship, and now Paul has the Pendant of Protection, so Cody’s plan to backdoor Paul is completely dead.

If the veto is used, we have no clue who Cody would put in Alex or Jillian’s place. So who won this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto? Read below to find out.



Big Brother 19: Alex Ow

Alex Ow has won this week’s Power of Veto!

This means Cody needs to name a replacement. Things could get excitng in the Big Brother 19 house. Are you happy Alex won the first POV of the season?

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