Every year, a few Big Brother houseguests stand out. Some stand out for being over the top characters, some stand out for fitting too much of a Big Brother stereotype, and a select few stand out for their potential winning possibilities. The Big Brother 19 houseguests all seem to possess at least one or two winner traits, such as physical prowess, emotional intelligence, or cunningness.

We analyzed, researched, and judged the year’s final 16 housemates to see who has the best chance to win. Of course, anything can happen on Big Brother 19. Therefore, we expect a twist or two to completely hurt someone’s winning chances, or people to immediately change their personality within the confines of the Big Brother 19 house. Therefore, we accept in advance our possibility of being wrong, but based on initial first impressions, these are the six houseguests we believe have the best odds to win the season.

Elena Davies

Big Brother 19: Elena Davies

Elena’s photo and occupation (radio personality) made us think that she would come off too over the top. However, during her interview with Jeff Schroeder, she seemed very likable and calm.

Strengths: Elena seems like she’ll easily be able to stay in the background. However, she seems social enough that at least one or two people will want her as a close ally.

Weaknesses: Elena might remain too under the radar and make it easy for people to vote her out early. She needs to join a medium sized alliance or make a strong final 2 early on to avoid becoming anyone’s target.

Winning Odds: Average. Elena’s personality might translate better in interviews than it does in the house. We’ll have to wait and see if Elena takes it too easy or stays on top of the game by constantly strategizing.

Mark Jansen

Big Brother 19: Mark Jansen

Of all the newbies, Mark surprised us the most. We were ready to write him off as just another alpha-male Big Brother player. However, like Big Brother Canada’s Demetres Giannitos, he quickly showed a different side. He seems like a very nice guy who won’t fall into the typical bro mentality.

Strengths: We see Mark being someone’s loyal final two early in the game. We also see him easily bonding with both the males and females. Mark seems like he’ll be good at physical competitions, so that should save him once or twice.

Weaknesses: If Mark seems like too much of a physical threat, he’ll be a target all game. He might have to comp beast his way to the end. Mark admitted that he’s girl crazy, so we expect that will get him in trouble.

A showmance would make Mark’s target grow even bigger. Additionally, he seems like the type of guy who would kind of let his showmance partner take control. That could be disastrous for Mark if his partner is too much of an alpha female.

Winning Odds: Slightly below average. We marked Mark below average because his physique will be a hard obstacle to overcome. He’ll be labeled a comp threat early in the game. Mark would have to throw quite a few competitions to get people to see him as a weak competitor.

Dominique Cooper

Big Brother 19: Dominique Cooper

Dominique not only showed herself to be extremely geeky, but also a charming, bubbly woman. She shouldn’t have a problem fitting into any crowd.

Strengths: We see Dominique easily bonding with nerd superfans lie Ramses Soto and Cameron Heard. They could become a powerful trio. Dominique’s mind should help her win many of the mental competitions.

Weaknesses: Her intelligence may be too intimidating to many of the Big Brother 19 players, especially alpha male types with egos. We also don’t know how she’ll bond with the other women, especially those more into glamour than education.

Winning Odds: Slightly above average. We would love to see Dominique make it at least to the final 5, but we have a feeling one of those alpha males will want her out early in the game.

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