Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Den of Temptation-Ring of Replacement Winner Revealed

We already know about the first three (and maybe only three ) Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation rewards. The first one, called the Pendant of Protection, gave Paul Abrahamian three weeks of safety. It also punished Ramses Soto with a curse that means he has to sit on the block in the next three Big Brother 2017 weeks.

Big Brother 19 Den of Temptation

The second Den of Temptation reward was given out today. The Ring of Replacement allows one player to swap out one of the three chosen POV players with himself.

According to the Big Brother 19 polls, Christmas Abbott and Alex Ow have the best chance of getting the Ring of Replacement. Christmas was ahead by about three percent. The third and fourth choices were Kevin Schlehuber and Cody Nickson.

After last night’s events, more Big Brother 19 fans were campaigning to see Cody get the temptation, only for additional drama. This would be the perfect prize for him because current Head of Household Paul wants to backdoor him. If Cody gets the Ring of Replacement, he can save himself from being backdoored, and from his possible eviction.

However, we don’t expect Cody to get this prize. We expect Christmas to win it. We can only see her using it this week if Cody gets picked to play in the Power of Veto competition. She may swap herself for him, and then just sit back and watch his chances of winning the game burn up in flames.

So who won America’s vote for the Big Brother 19 Den of Secrets Ring of Replacement?

Major Spoiler Ahead. Proceed with Caution.


Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian

As we predicted, Christmas Abbott received the Ring of Replacement. She also got to choose the three people to get curses. She picked (no surprise) Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, and Ramses Soto.

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