Big Brother 21 Week 12 Alliance Updates: The Final Four

Week twelve is underway in the Big Brother 21 house, and we are down to just four houseguests left battling it out for the $500,000 prize. Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony struggled last week as to which houseguest to evict. They had to choose between their final four partner, Holly Allen, and the lovable Tommy Bracco that promised them many perks if he was selected. In the end, they chose Holly, but the damage to the alliance was already done.

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Before the live eviction last week with Tommy and Holly on the block, Michie made a deal with Cliff to save Holly’s game.  Michie promised Cliff he would evict Holly next week creating a final three with him, Cliff, and Nicole if Cliff voted out Tommy over Holly. Actually, Michie did not have any intentions of keeping that deal, and he did what was needed to make sure Holly was still by his side this week. Was this good Big Brother play like the way he manipulated Tommy, or was this sneaky and devious play by Michie that will hurt him with the jury?

Even though Holly threw the Head of Household competition to Nicole this week, Nicole had no choice but to nominate Holly and Michie. they were the only houseguests remaining other than Cliff. However, the real decision comes from the winner of the Power of Veto at this point in the game. The veto winner actually gets to pick the final three, and Michie won the POV this week.

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With all of the power in Michie’s hands, Cliff and Nicole assumed he would be taking them to the final three as promised, but they had their suspicions that Michie may have changed his mind. Lucky for them, they didn’t have to wait until the POV ceremony to find out Michie’s intentions. Before the POV ceremony, Michie opened up to Nicole and told her that he would not be honoring his previous deal and Cliff would be evicted this week.

Obviously, Nicole did not take the information well and immediately shared this with Cliff. Next, Cliff spoke to Michie and Holly about the decision, and Michie explained it to Cliff very bluntly. Michie told Cliff that if Cliff had been loyal, and not wavered, things would be different right now. Michie was very upset that Cliff and Nicole considered taking Tommy to the final four over Holly. He was especially mad at them that Holly had to throw Nicole the HOH just to save her game. Cliff and Nicole did take Holly to the final four over Tommy, but the trust had been broken and too much damage had been done.

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So, Cliff and Nicole are trying their best to campaign this week, but that seems to be a lost cause. Nicole will make it to the final three, but it will be up to her to make it any further. She must continue to win because Michie has plans of taking Holly to the final two with him and vice versa. Nicole has a lot to her shoulders now to win this thing, but she has certainly come to life here at the end of the season when needed.

The finale is just about a week away now. The final four alliance was honored, but damage was done in the process. Who do you think will make it to the final two, and who has the jury votes to win Big Brother 21?

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