The stage is set, and the final four of Big Brother 21 includes Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen. Nicole and Cliff had the tough decision last episode to stick with their final four deal with Michie and Holly or break that deal, vote out Holly to keep Tommy Bracco for the final four. They lived by their word, but was it the right decision for both of them to make it to final three?

Big Brother 21

The week twelve Head of Household (HOH) competition concludes tonight called Crash and Turn. Big Brother has labeled this as an epic endurance competition. The houseguests must hang on to a swinging rope while standing on a small platform while the rope moves around various obstacles. Last houseguest standing wins this HOH competition and a guaranteed spot in the final three of Big Brother 21. As outgoing HOH, Michie cannot participate in this competition.

Week Eleven Playback Before Live Eviction Vote

After Michie overheard Tommy pitching his offer to Cliff and Nicole to stay in the Big Brother house over Holly, he fabricated a story to Cliff and Nicole to save Holly’s game. Michie told them that Tommy had confessed to him his plan to throw the HOH competition and then backdoor Cliff with a Power of Veto (POV) win.

A house meeting was called to clear the air and chaos ensued between Michie and Tommy. Tommy broke down in tears while trying to convince Nicole and Cliff he was telling the truth, while Michie used all the overheard conversation as ammo against Tommy. The fight got ugly with screaming and yelling, and even at one point Tommy urged Holly to stand up for herself and tell the truth. She did not because she wanted to stay in the house.

In the end, Nicole and Cliff seemed to believe Tommy’s story that Michie was fabricating all of this to throw him under the bus. When you thought it was all over, the final five had another blowout before the live vote. All of the same info was rehashed and this time Michie really poured on the guilt with the final four agreement and honoring that deal.

To solidify the deal, Holly offered to throw the HOH competition to them. To sweeten the pot, Michie privately swore to Cliff that he would take Cliff over Holly to the final three. Michie had no intention of honoring this deal, but he was desperate to save Holly and did whatever he thought he had to do to save her game.

Right up until the end, Cliff and Nicole kept going back and forth on who to keep in the house and who to evict.  We all know, in the end, they chose to keep Holly for the promises of the HOH competition and Michie’s promise of a final three. Don’t forget that Tommy had also promised to throw the HOH and target Michie in the POV competition. Only time will tell if Nicole and Cliff made the right decision.

Week Twelve Head of Household Competition

All of the houseguests participating, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff were barraged with heavy hits as their ropes rotated around the yard. This is not a competition for sissy’s. At this point, we are just waiting to see if Holly will keep to their word and throw the competition. Remember, Michie can’t participate as he won the last HOH competition.

Although it pained every bone in her body to throw this competition, as soon as Cliff fell, Holly let go as well. Holly was furious, in the diary room, that she had to throw the comp to anyone. Nicole is final three, guaranteed. The others must now duke it out. Privately, Cliff and Michie make a final two deal, but Michie has no plans in honoring any deal with Cliff at this point because of the hell he and Holly endured to get to final four.

Big Brother 21

After the dust settles, Michie had a moment with Holly when he broke down in tears over what he had done to Tommy. He admitted that he loves Tommy but had to do that to save Holly.

On the other side of the Big Brother house, Cliff fessed up to Nicole that he made a final three deal with Michie without speaking to her first. He said he made the deal and couldn’t back out of it. Nicole could see through that deal and realized there was more to that conversation. She suspected Cliff and Michie have a final two agreement which leaves her out in the cold.

Week Twelve Block Nominations

At the nominations ceremony, Nicole nominated Holly and Michie to the block for eviction. This is really insignificant as the winner of the upcoming POV really holds all the cards when it comes to the final three selection. Tune in again this Wednesday, September 17th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the POV competition.

Big Brother 21

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