Big Brother 23 Episode 37 Recap: Grand Finale Night!

By: on September 29, 2021 |

Well, here we are Big Brother fans…at the season 23 finale night. This season has been filled with it’s share of highs and lows, and historical accomplishments. Tonight, all of their joy and pain will come to an end as the Big Brother jury votes for the winner of an astonishing $750,000 prize. Either Xavier Prather, […]

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Big Brother 23 Episode 36 Recap: Round 1 Final HOH

By: on September 26, 2021 |

After 82 days inside the Big Brother 23 house, we are down to the final three fighting in the last Head of Household competition. This final HOH competition is a three round competition where the first round winner plays the winner of round two in the third and final round. Our Big Brother 23 final […]

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Who Won Part 2 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/25/21)?

By: on September 25, 2021 |

Now that we know who won the first part of the final Big Brother 23 Head of Household, it all comes down to who will take the crown in part two. Whoever wins part two of the final HOH will face off against the part one winner in part three. Part three of the final […]

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Who Won Part 1 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/23/21)?

By: on September 23, 2021 |

On last night’s Big Brother 23 episode, we saw the final four players become the final three. Kyland Young was sent out fourth, leaving Xavier Prather, Azah Awasum, and Derek Fraiser to fight it out for the title of Big Brother 23 winner. This winning player will also become the first black winner of a […]

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 11 Head Of Household Results And Nominations (09/16/21)

By: on September 16, 2021 |

Big Brother 23 played out its final double eviction of the season last night. We saw the final six Cookout houseguests become the final four houseguests. This Big Brother 2021 season tried something never done before: two double evictions back-to-back. The two-hour Big Brother 23 episode had everything, evictions, jury segments, and a rush to […]

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Big Brother 23 Episode 29 Recap: Who Will Takeover The Cookout?

By: on September 12, 2021 |

Big Brother history was made last week when the Cookout became the first alliance to take all of its members to the end of the game. Not to mention, all six members of the alliance are African-American, meaning that this year’s winner will be the first African-American to grab the grand prize. Kudos to CBS for […]

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 10 Head Of Household Results (09/09/21)

By: on September 9, 2021 |

We just experienced the first of two Big Brother 23 double evictions. This one sent  Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez to the jury house. Now the Cookout final six are left to fight it out for another Head of Household competition. The houseguests have no idea that their stressful week is just beginning. They’ll have […]

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Who Was Evicted On Big Brother 23 Double Elimination Night? (9/9/21)

By: on September 9, 2021 |

Tonight, we are nine weeks into Big Brother 23, and we will be watching our first of two back-to-back double elimination weeks. This should be exciting as the houseguests scramble to get their games in order in the fast-paced evening. First, we will watch as the current Head of Household, Tiffany Mitchell, had to nominate […]

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Big Brother 23 Episode 26 Recap: Final 8 Head of Household

By: on September 5, 2021 |

The last episode of Big Brother 23 left us hanging with the second endurance competition of the summer for the Head of Household. This is a crucial HOH as the Cookout looks to make sure they are the final six houseguests left in the Big Brother game this season. Only two houseguests stand in their […]

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Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 9 Head Of Household Results (09/02/21)

By: on September 2, 2021 |

We have our second major Big Brother 23 endurance competition of the season. It’s basically the Cookout vs Alyssa Lopez. As per winning the final Big Brother 23 High Roller’s Room power, the Coin of Destiny, Claire Rehfuss must throw this week’s Head of Household competition. That means Alyssa is the only non-Cookout member who […]

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