Who Won Part 1 of the Final Head of Household Comp (11/06/23)?

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Big Brother 25 only has a few more days before the jury crowns a winner. In tonight’s episode, Felicia became the fourth-place finisher and the newest jury member. Now the houseguests have no choice but to crown either Matt, Jag, or Bowie the winner. Before the season ends, the three finalists must compete in a series of challenges to become the final Head of Household of the season. The winners of part 1 and part 2 face off in part 3.

The winner of part 3 becomes the final Head of Household and cast the deciding vote on who to evict. Currently, Bowie and Matt plan to take Jag to the finals. However, it’s unclear who Jag plans to take to the end with him. Bowie and Matt both believe that he plans to take them to the end with him. However, it seems that he’s leaning toward cutting Matt at the final three and taking Bowie to the end. 

Therefore, Matt is the finalist most likely evicted before the finale. Based on his competition record, it’s a good chance that Jag will win the first part of the Head of Household. The third could go to anyone but based on our previous knowledge of competitions, Bowie likely has the best chance to win. 

Jag may also prefer a Bowie win because she would take him to the end. Additionally, it also spares Jag the guilt of having to cut his fellow Minuteman. At this point in the season, Jag is almost guaranteed to make it to the finals. There is a chance that Bowie and Matt will take each other over him, but it’s highly unlikely. The mystery remains who will end up in those final two chairs. So who won the first part of the final Big Brother 25 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out.



Matt won part 1 of the final Head of Household Competition. Bowie and Jag face off in part 2 either today or tomorrow.

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