Big Brother 25 Episode 40 Recap: A Record Breaking Episode

We are at the final four juncture in Big Brother 25, and this season seems to have lasted forever. Bowie Jane is the current Head of Household, but the HOH doesn’t hold the power in the game. That power revolves around the Power of Veto winner.

Big Brother 25 POV

In tonight’s episode of Big Brother 25, either Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, or Felicia Cannon will be sent to the jury house. This episode will be packed with the block nominations, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, and the live eviction. Who will be left to fight for the $750,000 prize? Let’s find out!

Big Brother 25 Week 14 Head of Household Competition Aftermath

Bowie Jane has won three HOH competitions. She will nominate Felicia to the block this week, but she is torn on who will be sitting next to Felicia. Bowie has a final two alliance with Jag, but she is very close with Matt.

Jag and Bowie devised a tricky plan to place Matt on the block with Felicia. They previously planned a “pick a number” trick for Matt. The plan worked perfectly, and Matt lost the game. He will be on the nominations block with Felicia. This was brilliant to ensure Matt was not upset with Bowie or Jag. Matt and Felicia are this week’s block nominees.

Big Brother 25 Jury House Visit

Cory Wurtenburger was extremely surprised that Cirie Fields was the next member to walk into the jury house. Cory knew that Jag was the only person that Cirie would threaten. She has not won any competitions and poses no significant threat in Big Brother 25. If you put her on the Survivor island, this may be a different conversation.

Big Brother 25 Jury House

The jury members are surprised that he didn’t get Jag out of the Big Brother 25 house when he had the opportunity. That may be his fatal mistake.

Big Brother 24 Season Winner Visits Julie

Taylor Hale, season 24 Big Brother winner, visited with host Julie Chen Moonves to discuss all things Big Brother. When asked how she thinks this 100-day season has affected the players, Taylor said, “Time is designed to alter the state of the game.” She thinks Jag has made some enemies in the jury house. She firmly believes that if Matt stands up and says that Jag may have more competition wins, but Jag wouldn’t be in the game if Matt had not saved him. Facts!

Big Brother 25 Taylor Hale

Big Brother 25 Week 14 Power of Veto

This week’s veto competition is paramount (haha). The winner holds the sole vote and holds all the power. Whomever they vote for will be headed to the jury house. The POV winner will also be guaranteed a spot in the final three.

This POV competition is called Scrambled Timeline. This is the infamous competition where the players must identify which day of the season certain events occurred. They must place these events in chronological order and match the exact day of the season.

Big Brother 25 POV

Each player will compete individually and will be timed. The houseguest that puts all of the events in the correct order with the exact day of the season will win the most important POV of Big Brother 25.

Jag won another Power of Veto. He holds all the power in the Big Brother 25 house now. He will pick who goes to the final three with him and Bowie Jane. He has struggled all week as to whether or not to stay true to Matt and the Minute Men alliance or take the easy route by evicting Matt this week.

On a side note, Jag won his 7th POV competition of the season, a record in Big Brother. He surpassed Michael Bruner from last season, Big Brother 24, with the most POV victories. Congratulations Jag!

Big Brother 25 Week 14 Live Vote and Eviction

As the Power of Veto winner this week, Jag will be the only player voting for eviction. Therefore, he holds all the power in the Big Brother 25 house. This could be a $750,000 decision.

Jag explained to the house that he had to stay true to his heart even though he loved playing with Felicia; she was the one he was voting out of the Big Brother 25 game. Felicia was evicted from the house and sent to the jury.

During her interview with Julie, Felicia felt that Jag had just given away $750,000 by not evicting Matt when given the opportunity. She feels as though Matt is an all-around guy that will end up with more votes.

Join us again on Tuesday, November 7th at 8 PM EST for the next episode to watch the three remaining houseguests start their journey in the three-part final HOH competition.


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