Celebrity Big Brother 2 Cast First Impressions Part 1 (VIDEOS)

On Sunday, CBS released the official bios, pictures, and promo for Celebrity Big Brother 2. We’re now less than a week away from the premiere episode. Then it’s off to the races with four or five episodes a week: two evictions a week and 24-hour access to the Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests.

To help us get introduced to these new players, Entertainment Tonight, and a few other news outlets, released video interviews with the cast. We formed some opinions about these players based on their interviews. Here is part one of our Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast assessment. If you want to form your own opinions, we also included links to the ET Canada ones too.

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony is clearly one of the big names on the cast, much like Omarosa last year, but I really haven’t seen much of his antics. If he’s as animated as he was in Washington and afterwards, Anthony will be a quick exit. He did seem more intelligent and collected in his interviews though. I’m finding that there are so many celebrity houseguests that I think might actually handle this better than we expect that they will. Anthony is on that list. I still don’t think he’s likely to go very far, especially since his knowledge of the show is pretty limited.

Dina Lohan

Much like Tom Green or Scaramucci, Dina is more subdued than I expected. That could all go to crap once they get in the Celebrity Big Brother house and interact with one another, but she doesn’t seem quite as high maintenance as expected. If she plays the house mom, I think it might be good. However, I’m not sure how much Dina will actually play the game. She’s one of the many houseguests that could be a surprise in a good way.

Jonathan Bennett

I thought that Jonathan was going to be a favorite to win the whole game, but he was a lot more out there and energetic compared to what I expected. This might not be all that bad, but he also didn’t seem all that into the game other than playing competitions. Jonathan could still do very well, and he has definitely been in the Big Brother universe more than anyone else, but I’m not sure how much advice he was given. All that said, I think Jonathan will be someone that almost everyone likes and that’ll take him pretty far.

Joey Lawrence

Watching all of Joey’s interviews, he just really seems to not care at all. I’m not even really sure why he’s there, apart from being a teenage heartthrob years ago. I think if someone falls on their sword at some point, it’d be him. I’d be absolutely floored if he makes the final week of Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Kandi Burruss

It’s pretty clear Kandi is a last minute addition, and she has seen very little of the show, but I do think she actually has possibly a very good skillset for the game. Kandi is used to crazy but she’s actually fairly calm herself. I liked what she had to say about sleeping in the bedroom with more people so that she’s always in the know. She’s one of my picks to possibly go the distance if she can find trustworthy allies and not get herself involved in any drama.

Kato Kaelin

Kato was a lot. A lot. And that’s saying a lot in a sea of big personalities. He seems to be always on, and he sort of mentioned that a lack of sleep would really affect him. I don’t see this going well at all, despite him being America’s most famous houseguest. Kato could bring his enthusiasm down a bit but I am not expecting it. And despite being sort of in the know, he really knows nothing about the show.

Lolo Jones

It sounds like Lolo actually was a feed or After Dark watcher during Celebrity Big Brother season one, which is interesting, so despite maybe not being a long-time fan, she did get into it and knows more about the show than most of them. I love that Lolo wants to play hard and she seems to really understand the game pretty well for someone who is newer to it. Being one of four athletes in the house probably will help her out, and I see her possibly working with some of them. She cites being in the Olympic Village as a good practice for Big Brother, and I do think it’ll be an experience to draw from. And the fact that she read body language books and went to therapy to prepare tells me that she’s the most invested in winning. She’s my pick to win at this point. I liked how easy she seemed to connect to the interviewers and how she is driven to play hard and win.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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