Celebrity Big Brother 2 House Revealed (PHOTOS)

The Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast list was released on Sunday. The last two days have been filled with videos and interviews of the new houseguests that will rule our lives for the next three weeks. Part of the Big Brother preseason involves seeing and learning about the new houseguests. One of the other major things is the big house reveal.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 House-21

Today, we got the release of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house tour and photos. The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, and Entertainment Tonight all posted house tour videos. They all showed quick snippets of the house, but together they made up a full tour. The theme of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house seems to be New York lifestyle, especially the art scene.

In the Hollywood Reporter video, host Julie Chen started with the 20 Century Limited inspired room. It looks like one of the trains from the 1940s. The bathroom also has a part of the train theme. Julie mentions that the room has a double mirror this time.

Entertainment Weekly also released a short teaser video that showed dome of the bedroom. It had a 5th Ave theme, with images of people shopping. They look like they have the “highest fashion of the 40s.” Another room is hotel themed. There is also a Chrysler building inspired room.

In the Entertainment Tonight video, Julie gives a tour of the lounge area with a new pool table. It’s made to look like a Brooklyn Bridge. We all see a brief glimpse of the new Head of Household room, which looks like the backstage of a Broadway show.

Like the first USA version of Celebrity Big Brother, we have a very upgraded version of the house. Check out the Celebrity Big Brother 2 House Gallery below.

Click the images to get a closer look.

What do you think of this year’s house theme and look?

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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