Big Brother 21-Week #3 Power Rankings-How Far Have Bella and Nick Fallen This Week?

Another week in the Big Brother 21 game, and there’s been quite a bit happening. I’m waiting with patience to see the drama Camp Comeback stirs and for the real game to start. Despite a part of the game on pause, people are still shifting around the power structure. As always, we’ll start from the bottom and work our way up to the top.

This week, some middle level players have fallen to the bottom, while some have risen closer to the top. Tommy Bracco was living high in the top spot for two weeks in a row. Has that changed? Or is Tommy the player to beat this season? Find out with our full Big Brother 21 Week 3 Power Ranking.

13. Cliff Hogg III

I wish there was somewhere else I could rank Cliff Hogg III, but he’s likely headed to Camp Comeback as the final member, so there really isn’t any other place to rank him. Other than having his #CliffNotes exposed, he didn’t do much else wrong game wise, except be on the wrong side of the house. Always expect the unexpected so things could shift around in then last minute, but as of now, the Six Shooters seem pretty much in agreement to evict Cliff this week. But it’ll likely be a close vote so if someone throws out a hinky vote, he could stay. I do feel that if he manages to survive or return from Camp Comeback, that he may still be in the line of fire because Christie Murphy seems particularly fixated on getting him out after overhearing his plans.

12. Nick Maccarone

Despite being Head of Household, Nick Maccarone truly botched his reign. If things remain as they are now, he and Isabella Wang will be shocked when Nicole Anthony is not evicted this Thursday. It puts the two of them firmly on the bottom, as most of the house is now focused on taking them out. If Bella or Sam Smith don’t win Head of Household, one of the three of them is almost certainly going home next week, especially because Camp Comeback will be over, and they don’t have a chance to return. I think Nick may be in the most danger because he’s seen as the glue between the three of them, and he’s made a fool out of himself during his reign this week.

11. Isabella Wang

Bella is right there with Nick, but she’s probably even more socially isolated. I think what helps Bella is that she’s seen as less of a threat, and they all think she’ll be useless without NIck. I think they’re wrong. I think they’re all going to think they can use Bella after Nick or Sam or both of them go home, and Bella is going to continue to play this game like she has been, messy. I’ll be here for it though as I have to admit, she’s been one of the more fun houseguests to watch play this season. But I think her chances to win this game ultimately are slim to none at this point.

10. Sam Smith

Most of them still like Sam, but he really messed up this week by not pushing Nick to make a move that would benefit him. He should want to break up Gr8ful, but he didn’t push for it at all, and I cannot understand that. I think his days are now probably numbered. They may be even shorter than expected if Tommy has his way.  Tommy has subtly been pushing for Sam to go because he feels that Sam is even more of a potential problem than Nick or Bella. He may be right too, as Sam actually could get the respect to win the game.  I don’t know if the other two could possibly make that happen at this stage of the game. He needs to try and let Bella and Nick take the entire fall and step away.

9. Jessica Milagros

Jessica Milagros isn’t doing a lot right now, or ever really, and it’s hard for me to gauge if she’s going to be a victim of circumstance soon and be dragged along for a while. She’s in good with Kathryn Dunn but she’s kind of not seeing the bigger picture of what’s going on in the house. It’s incredibly frustrating. Hopefully someone like Nicole or one of the Camp Comeback houseguests can open her eyes, but I’m not expecting anything from her besides being a follower.

8. Nicole Anthony

Nicole had a very rough week, but I think she may just pull off surviving. If she manages to stay in the house, I think she’ll actually be around for a while. The Six Shooters plan to save her and use her loyalty to benefit them. If she can work herself in with them, she’s in a much better spot moving forward. And perhaps she’ll even be around with a few others when they begin to splinter. She’s had bright spots in the early part of the season, and besides a couple of bad judgement calls this week (trusting Bella), she’s generally had her head in the game. What matters most is that she doesn’t do anything to mess up the eviction on Thursday. There’s still a long couple of days to go.

7. Kathryn Dunn

While Kat doesn’t really have much power, she’s in a decent spot with most of those who have control in the game. Despite her tiff this week with Jackson Michie, she’s in very good with Holly Allen, and has some support from outsiders like Jessica. With her Veto win this week, she’s proven she can win when she needs to. But much like with Jess, she needs to see what’s going on around her, otherwise she’s destined for eighth place or a similar spot, especially if they’re worried that she could become a decent competitor.

6. Jack Matthews

Jack Matthews is probably in the worst spot of the Six Shooters because he’s somewhat out in front. He’s their poster child and he’s going to take the hits before the rest of them. While Christie and Tommy value him greatly, I’m not sure that the others in their tight core, and outside of this group, care to see him stick around too much longer. He could be in a truly bad spot if someone like Bella or Sam win Head of Household or even whoever comes back from Camp Comeback. Christie’s power may help save him, but he’s not in as great of a spot as the rest of his allies, at least in my eyes.

5. Analyse Talavera

I think Analyse Talavera has her head in the game a little more this week, despite always worrying about relationship drama. She’s pulled away from Jack and now Tommy has really taken her under his wing. It’s a good place to be for her because she will certainly be kept around longer if Tommy and Christie find her valuable. Not to mention the fact that she’s been in good with Holly for quite some time as well. I just wish there was some more life in her in the game, but perhaps she’s a slow burn. Regardless, I think she’ll be around for a bit if not for any sort of twist that might end up with her getting the short end of the stick.

4. Christie Murphy

Christie is a roller coaster ride. She goes from having some poise and control to freaking out like she did during the morning of the Power of Veto Ceremony. It’s been very difficult to tell at times if she’s motivated by game or personal reasons, or if she’s just losing it a bit. I’m not sure, but as long as Tommy is there to calm her down, I think she won’t truly go off the rails. But at times it’s almost as if she’s in control of Tommy, because she’s a much louder and the more frequent voice. It’s only a matter of time before she wares on people, including her own allies. They could start to see that she’s one of the main points of control in the house. But for now she’s sitting pretty well, especially with her Diamond Power of Veto that she can use if something goes awry.

3. Jackson Michie

Surprisingly, Jackson’s social game is actually pretty strong. There’s very few people in there that don’t love him, despite the fact that he can very much be condescending, and he eats all of their food. It’s a little unnerving to watch at times. He’s protected by his allies and his showmance with Holly is almost more of a strategic partnership than anything else. His only real possible danger is if he were to get nominated alongside Jack, and Jack was somehow saved. Otherwise, I do think he has the social capital to stick around, as long as he doesn’t go throwing more hinky votes and being so obvious about the fact that it was him. His strategic decision making could certainly use a bit of work.

2. Holly Allen

Once again, Holly is number two to Tommy’s number one. I think she’s in a great spot, she’s liked and respected, and not really a target for anyone. She’s got Michie in front of her to take the bullets if someone came for them, and she’s got very tight relationships with Kathryn and Analyse. I think her biggest obstacle in this game is ultimately going to be Tommy and Christie, if she can see that they’re a problem and use people like Kathryn and Nicole to take shots against them, she’s a dark horse contender to win this thing. I just worry that maybe she won’t see the writing on the wall before it’s too late.

1. Tommy Bracco

Tommy continues to impress with his gameplay. He’s a very good talker and the others see that, and he continues to be brought into conversations to mediate them. Clearly his opinion is valued in the house and people feel safe with him around. All great things. He just needs to keep doing what he’s doing, and perhaps it’s okay to let Christie go off the rails a bit because she’ll be targeted before him, especially if she’s winning competitions and he’s not. I think right now he’s got the best shot to win this thing as long as nothing crazy shakes the game up for him and his allies in then near future.

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