Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 3-Threemances

The Big Brother 21 house seems to have a showmance infestation, or at least a “too much love for one” person problem. It all started back before the Big Brother Live Feeds started. Kathryn Dunn and Jackson Michie were flirting their way into a showmance, which led to some pre-feeds sex, which led to a little more hooking up, which led to a breakup. Pre-feeds hookups and breakups happen all the time, but it’s very rare that one of the members gets into another showmance.

Jackson and Holly Allen were just a flirtmance but made it showmance official this week with their first kiss.  Now Holly and Jackson have become the third showmance of the season, but wait, there is more.

Kat says she’s fine with the Jackson and Holly showmance, but she definitely isn’t as fine as she should be, because boy was that a crappy move by Jackson. However, Kat might eventually become okay with Jackson’s rejection because she may have two new options. David Alexander and Kat have become very flirty, but whether it just stays a simple flirtation will depend on if David wins Camp Comeback or not. Kat seems to see the possibility of using David as a weapon against Jackson. She spoke to Jessica Milagros about having David target Jackson.

If things with David don’t work out, Kat might have another showmance option with Christie Murphy. In between all of Christie’s insanity from yesterday,  she discussed her crush on Kat with Tommy Bracco. Christie said that she just found Kat really funny and cute. Tommy also mentioned that he discussed Christie’s crush with Kat and she was very intrigued by it. So Kat should forget all about Holly and Jackson and pick one of her other options.

Speaking of not being able to fully let it go, the Nick Maccarone, Isabella Wang, and Analyse Talavera triangle seems to still be going on, though it seemed to have temporarily stopped. In week one, Nick admitted that he wanted to be with Analyse, but liked Bella’s personality more. Analyse also stated that she liked Nick, but she was really attracted to Jack Matthews. Birthday kisses happened  and Bella told Nick that she wanted to make their thing official, and then it seemed settled: Jack with Analyse, and Bella with Nick. However, Nick continued to show signs of jealousy and insecurity about Analyse and Jack’s relationship. Analyse knew that Jack preferred Christie both as a game partner and potential romance one. Everyone knew the Jack and Analyse thing was more sexual than anything deep.

Analyse knows that Nick is more likely to protect her in the game than Jack, so she continues to flirt with him, and people have noticed, mainly Bella. This led to a major breakdown and discussion between the two about whether Nick really wanted to be with Bella, or was it Analyse he really wanted?

He assured Bella that it was her that he liked and wanted. This will probably just be one of many conversations between Bella and Nick about his flirting with Analyse, unless he finally decides to stop it completely.

Now that we have three official showmances, and potential for more, are you liking any of the Big Brother 21 showmances? Or are you hoping they all end soon?

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