Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 27: The Pre-Veto Ceremony Panic

This should have been an easy day for Gr8ful, especially Christie Murphy, who is one of the most trusted players in Big Brother 21. However, when the Big Brother paranoia hits you, it hits you hard, and Christie got knocked out with it. She found Nick Maccarone and Kemi Fakunle‘s behavior a little questionable. This made her think there was a big plot to get her out the house this week. It just spiraled from there.

Christie convinced herself that Nick and Isabella Wang had this big master plan to nominate and evict her this week, and other members of the house were in on it, including the Camp Comeback members. Christie gathered an audience to try to convince Kathryn Dunn to not use the Veto on Jessica Milagros, and to just keep the nominations the same. Understandable, everyone was shocked and confused, no one more than Nick himself.

Eventually, Tommy Bracco informed Nick and Bella about Christie’s spiraling out of control with panic and fear. This made Nick sit her down and talk it out. He was very upset that Christie still didn’t trust him, especially when he considered her one of the people he trusted most in the game. Right up until the Veto ceremony, Nick and other members of the house were trying to bring Christie back to reality.

Following the Veto ceremony, where Christie did not go up, Nick talked to Gr8ful and basically said that they needed to stop questioning his loyalty. Christie’s questionable antics continued as she soon told Nick and Bella about her Diamond Power of Veto power. She embellished a little, claiming she didn’t know how long it lasted (it’s only good for four weeks), and she said that it gave her the power to pick the replacement nominee, when in fact, it gives her the power to give someone else that power.

Since Christie let the secret out the bag, she decided to tell all of the Gr8ful members, by the end of the night, most of G8ful knew about the power. By tomorrow, the whole house will probably know. Christie also threw Ovi Kabir under the bus by revealing that he had the first Whacktivity power to Nick and Bella.

When retelling her conversations with Nick and Bella, Christie made sure to make it seem like Nick and Bella pressured her into telling them about her power. She said she was still very much against them. She also still wanted Cliff Hogg III out and to vote to keep Nicole Anthony this week.

Meanwhile, Analyse Talavera and Tommy agreed that Nick and Bella weren’t coming after them, but it would be good for the team to get out Cliff and then target Nick and Bella.

Rumor gets around via Sam and Kemi that Jess has a power. The power let’s her remove herself from the block. The house, mainly Christie is confused because she knows who has all the Whacktivity powers and it’s against the rules to use production as a strategy and lie about powers.

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