Big Brother 21-Week #2 Power Rankings -Did Tommy Remain on Top This Week?

With Camp Comeback in play, the Big Brother  21house has been turned upside down in the past week. While Jack Matthew‘s Head of Household reign hasn’t been particularly exciting, there’s a lot of movement beneath the surface that is re-shaping the Big Brother 21 game dynamic for the week to come.

With that said, let’s jump right into this week’s Big Brother power rankings. Will your favorites land on top this week?


14. Kemi Fakunle

I wish I could put Kemi Fakunle higher than here, but her game is pretty much over. I was hoping that she and Nicole Anthony could cook up a plot and stir some paranoia that could keep her around. Unfortunately, everyone sees that she’s a much bigger threat than Jessica Milagros. She’s not really done anything wrong, besides just not getting in with the right people, and trusting the wrong ones. It’s too bad that Isabella Wang didn’t end up being a reliable friend who could fight for her more, but we know how that turned out. But there’s always Camp Comeback, so she’s not completely dead in the water.

13. Cliff Hogg III


Had Christie Murphy not overheard him the other morning, Cliff Hogg III would have been ranked much higher than this week. Yikes! His game, and Nicole’s both took a hit due to his loose lips and Christie’s eavesdropping. He’s one of the main ones on the target list now, and he may need to luck out with a Head of Household that’s on his side, or a Power of Veto win that could save him. The weeks are long and perhaps he can charm his way out of trouble. Right now, things aren’t looking great and most of Gr8ful seems to be on his case. Let’s just hope he doesn’t give away any more information in his upcoming Cliff Notes morning sessions.

12. Jessica Milagros

She’s been a bit of a mess on the block this week, much more than Kemi, but Jessica is likely going to stay in the Big Brother 21 house. Bigger targets are presenting themselves, and while she was the one who tried to get the ball rolling on the Black Widow alliance, Bella has taken on much of the blame for it, and Kemi is seen as a bigger threat. I don’t think there’s anyone who has her as their number one target moving forward, and rightfully so because she’s seen as a weak player. Jess is probably going to survive this next round and once Camp Comeback ends, I think the end of Gr8ful is near. If she can escape the bloodbath, she’s probably going to be in this game for quite some time and maybe pick up some of the pieces.

11. Isabella Wang

Bella is straight up messy. It’s fun to watch but it’s going to blow up in her face sooner rather than later. She’s telling Jack and Nick Maccarone about the Black Widows, she’s telling Sam Smith about Gr8ful, and everyone is slowly catching onto what she’s doing. While she’s sort of winning people over with information, I think a lot of them can see that it’s for her own personal game. I think her or Nick is going to take a hit soon, and the one that escapes might be able to hang on for a bit. I would love to see Bella duck and weave out of the way of what’s coming to her, but part of me thinks her sloppy gameplay deserves it. She’s just incapable of keeping anything to herself, and while I’d love to think it was next level of the rat floater game, I think it’s just her not able to fight her natural instincts to out everything. Watch this space.

10. Nicole Anthony

It makes me really sad that Nicole’s game took a hit from Cliff’s mistake. I hope her social ties are enough to keep her safe because she’s been doing a really good job of staying out of the limelight. She’s been very careful at planting seeds and watching her words, and she’s even stepped up recently in terms of building outside connections and spreading information. For instance, her decision to reveal to Holly Allen that Nick sort of suggested she nominate her was insanely smart and drove a wedge between Holly and Jackson Michie versus Nick and Bella. Much like Jessica and Kathryn Dunn, if she can get past the inevitable implosion of Gr8ful, she’ll be in a great spot. And unlike the two of them, I think Nicole has the strategic and social chops to know who to work with and what to do. I’m really hopeful that she’ll be able to make some magic happen in this game but she has to weather the storm that Cliff set off first, which will be her first big test in this game.

9. Nick Maccarone

Sometimes I don’t know what he’s thinking. One day he loves Jack, the next day he hates him. One day he loves Bella, the next day he loves Sis (Analyse Talavera). He’s not able to fight his instincts to run his mouth, much like his showmance Bella. Every other day he has a new plan for who to nominate and target. A big part of me thinks he won’t be able to stop himself from making a big move if he does get power. I also think he’s probably smart enough to know that this upcoming Head of Household is not one to win because there’s no big move to make, since the evicted houseguest could easily come right back into the game. He continues to flirt with Sis, much to Bella’s chagrin, and he is on a lot of their radars. I think he’s generally more well-liked than Bella, so he’s more likely to stick around but it’s hard to say how things might unfold once their flimsy alliance falls apart.

8. Kathryn Dunn


Kat has been a breath of fresh air in that house. Her paranoia has calmed down and she has pretty good social bonds that will keep her around. She’s going to be used as a piece in other people’s games but she’ll be seen as more and more valuable as the numbers dwindle. I do think she and Jessica run the risk of being nominated frequently, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the targets. Her relationship with Holly and Jackson is still strong despite the breakup: They’re starting to tell her more and more information. On top of that, she’s got ties with many of the outsiders like Cliff, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander. She survived a fairly close call last week and people who do that tend to make a deep run in the game. I’m not sure that she’ll be able to win, but I think she’ll keep us entertained for a long while this summer.

7. Sam Smith

While he’s on the outside of Gr8ful, he knows that now, and that’s half the battle. I do think his decision to win two Power of Vetos that he didn’t need was not a wise one, but I don’t think people view him as a real threat. It’s remarkable. While he’s seen as a useful piece to Bella and Nick, and the rest of the house knows this, he won’t be the one to take the fall, they will. With the knowledge of Gr8ful’s existence, I hope to see him start to rally some of the outsiders like Nicole, Kathryn, Cliff, and Jessica in order to be able to take a swing at the big group eventually. I just hope he doesn’t think he needs to latch onto power, and I  hope they don’t get rid of him ninth because that’s a boring and not respectable way to play this, especially given that he knows he’s not included in the main group. It’ll be interesting to see what he does and how he acts now that he knows where he stands.

6. Jack Matthews

Jack’s Head of Household win and the Camp Comeback twist has really benefited his game, at least for a week or two. He’s still being discussed as a big target, and will be, but nobody is going to do it until they are confident that he doesn’t have a chance to come back. But he continues to make himself a target just by being his egotistical self, and his showmance with Analyse doesn’t help. Not to mention the fact that there’s been drama with that because of his ex and his unrequited love for Christie. I think he’s ultimately not long for the Big Brother 21 game but he’s going to be around for at least another week, because someone would have to be truly stupid to target him with a chance to come back.

5. Analyse Talavera


She’s had an interesting week, and her jumping fully on board with showmancing Jack has not been great. I think he’s ultimately a meat shield for her because who’s going to target her before him? But you never know what could happen with Whacktivity powers and Veto. She’s made her way up on a lot of people’s hit lists and rightfully so. She’s not really actively involved in a ton of game conversations, and for now that’s not so bad for her. Sis certainly isn’t in the drivers seat which is why she’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Jackson Michie

I feel like Jackson has done a pretty decent job of integrating himself with the house. Evidence of that is Jessica picking him for the Power of Veto with the houseguest’s choice chip. He’s really got a decent social game going, despite everything else. He most certainly will surpass Jack in this game, and his relationships with Holly and Kathryn are going to be very helpful. That said, he did injure his ankle this week and he will be the biggest guy in the house after Jack goes, so I don’t know really where this is ultimately going to go for him, but he’s shown the capability of using his charisma to win people over.

3. Christie Murphy

Christie’s been much better without the power, much less paranoid, and she’s playing an interesting game. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but she’s always planting subtle seeds about Jack and Nick, and whoever else that she feels threatened by. I feel like she and Tommy Bracco really are in everyone’s end game plans, and while some people have pointed out that she talks a lot, they aren’t planning on targeting her. When some of the bigger names are out of the way, she could emerge as a target but I think people like her and want her around as an asset. And for now she probably is, but she’s ultimately really only loyal to Tommy, and the others don’t see that.

2. Holly Allen

While Holly has been sort of flirting with Jackson more, I think Holly remains in a good spot in the house. She’s branching out a bit and making more connections with those outside of Gr8ful including David, Nicole, and Jessica. On top of that, she’s really insulated by both Jackson and Kathryn. I think there are perhaps some people that aren’t that close with her but she’s not going to be anyone’s main target for some time with people like Jack, Jackson and even Christie around. She’s got a good read on what’s going on and hasn’t been getting too involved in the showmance drama to take her head too much out of the game.

1. Tommy Bracco


Again, I think he’s in the best spot in the house. Everyone wants him in their alliance or endgame plans, and nobody is after him. People like Holly and Kathryn have occasionally said that they can’t get a read on him, but if that’s the worst thing that they can say, then he’s doing alright. He also has Christie as somewhat of a meat shield because she talks much, much more than he does. I think in almost any scenario he outlasts her, and the two of them are likely to go very deep in this game. I would be absolutely floored if he didn’t make the top seven at this point. His biggest potential downfall is if his relationship with Christie gets out or if he starts to be seen as one of the biggest threats to win the Big Brother 21 game.

That’s it for this week’s Big Brother power ratings! Be sure to let us know what your take on the current power status of each houseguest in the Big Brother 21 house. We’ll be back with more next week!

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