Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 20: Bella Exposed?

Following, the Big Brother 21 Power of Veto Ceremony, things spiraled out of control…a little. Basically, Kemi Fakunle tried to have a game conversation with Jackson Michie. In the conversation, Jackson mentioned how he didn’t trust Isabella Wang and would maybe try to evict her soon. He also said that Jessica Milagros has mentioned that Bella has been playing both sides.

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Kemi took this information right to Bella, who then took this information back to Gr8ful. Jackson then said that he said all this to test Kemi’s loyalty. He now respected her for being an honest player. Of course, Kemi found out that Bella told Jackson what she said, so she confronted Bella about it. Bella also tried to say that it was good she told him because now Jackson trusts Kemi, and he might keep her this week.

Kemi didn’t buy any of this. She knew this made Jackson not trust her even more, and he would want her out even more this week.

This information spreading led to Kemi becoming very aware of her Big Brother besties game. Kemi tried to do some damage control by talking to Jack Matthews. She knew that he was the key to her safety this week. If she could get him to agree to keep her in the game, then the house would fall in line and do as he requested.

Jack didn’t agree to keep Kemi, but he said there was still a lot of the week left, anything could happen. David Alexander and Kemi also had a talk about the game. They discussed the alliances and dynamics. Kemi believed that Christie Murphy wasn’t as integrated into the dominate group as the others, but David disagreed. He knew that Christie was a vital part of Gr8ful.

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Ovi Kabir and Cliff Hogg III also had a game talk, basically about what to do if he does or doesn’t return to the Big Brother 21 house and who Cliff should nominate and target. Ovi also had a game talk with Nicole Anthony.

Most of the day, Kemi and Nicole  were pissed about Bella running her mouth to other people. Kemi was sure that Bella had ruined her game.

Christie and Analyse Talavera had a talk about Jack. Christie tried to reassure her that there was nothing going on between them, at least from Christie’s perspective.

David has been cooking and cleaning alot and it’s starting to warm many of the houseguests up to him. Gr8ful had a discussion about whether they would vote Ovi or David back in of given the chance. They still didn’t trust David but they didn’t know if they wanted Ovi back in the game with his huge power.

Later that night, Jackson and Kemi talk. They seemingly resolve the whole her telling Bella their conversation thing.

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