Big Brother 21 Live Feeds vs. Episode: The Forming of the Black Widows

On Sunday’s Big Brother 21 episode, we watched Head of Household Jack Matthews nominate Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros. The CBS episode focused very little on the reasons behind his nominations, and made the episode more about showmances and Whacktivity competitions.

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Kemi and Jack are now basically Big Brother rivals, and Jessica is just an expandable player to most of the house, so these nominations were easy for him. Kemi expected her nomination, but Jessica was more taken aback by it. She found herself even more shocked and perplexed when Jack mentioned that he had heard she was trying to start an all-women’s alliance to take out the Big Brother 21 men. After Jack accused her of starting an all-women’s alliance, specifically the Black Widows, she denied it.

Jessica insisted that she did not start this alliance. Later, fellow Black Widow Nicole Anthony also verified that Jessica didn’t start it, and Isabella Wang was the real ringleader behind the alliance. Bella denied this, and Kemi wasn’t in the room when it original formed. So who is telling the truth?

CBS’s episode clearly edited it to seem like Jessica started the alliance and Bella (and Kemi) were a bit unsure of whether they wanted to remain loyal to it. Bella, even told Jack about the alliance and specifically accused Jessica of starting it.

Around 1:52 BBT on July 1st, 2019, the Black Widows started to form. Prior to this, Kemi, Nicole, Jess, and Bella had been in their room discussing the house dynamics. Kemi was called to the Diary Room, and Nick Maccarone came in the room and joined the discussion. Once Nick left, Bella assured Jess and Nicole that she didn’t come to the Big Brother 21 house for a showmance. She came to win the game.

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She was loyal to Nick, but she was more loyal to the women in general. Jess assured Bella that no one was worried about her picking Nick over the women, she then said  that she wanted to make sure all the women stayed strong and together. Bella then said she was definitely for the big women alliance thing, but she was more loyal to this four (Kemi, Jess, Nicole, and herself). The other two women agreed. She said she wanted to see the four of them make it to the final four, and then two of them on finale night.

The other two women agreed. Bella then mentioned that they needed to solidify something between them. Jess also said that the four of them needed to be solid for when they have to start taking out the other women. Bella and Nicole agreed. Nicole then turned to the camera and said “so what should we name it,” and then she laughed because she said she always wanted to do that.

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Bella then asked Nicole and Jess to come up with a name. Jess said she wanted something strong and powerful. She then thought of the Black Widows name and explained why to Nicole and Bella. They loved the name idea and even practiced a possible signal/handshake to demonstrate their alliance. They agreed not to shake on it until Kemi returned from the Diary Room.

Once Kemi returned, they informed her of their new alliance. They began planning how they would infiltrate other alliances (like using Kathryn Dunn for info on the other side and Nicole letting Jack think he can trust her). They talked for awhile about their plans and rules for the alliance.

The episode version of events showed Jessica to be the ringleader of the Black Widows alliance. 

CBS’s episode also made it seem like Bella told Jack about the Black Widows to protect her game. This is partly why but Bella had already told Nick about the alliance. The episode didn’t show that Bella is not good at holding information and spills it whenever she sees fit.

The Black Widows forming and establishing a plan


So clearly Bella technically started the Black Widows, but Jessica isn’t doing herself any favors by continuously stressing about it and trying to convince people that she didn’t start it. However, more and more players are now starting to question if they can trust Bella because her double agent behavior is starting to become too obvious.

We’ll have to see which Black Widow leaves first on Thursday’s Big Brother 21 Live Eviction.

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