Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 17: The Tangled Web of the Black Widows

It was a very eventful day for the Big Brother 21 house. The houseguests played the second week of Whacktivity games and Jack Matthews made his nominationshis nominations. These two competitions put the feeds on sleep mode for awhile, but when they returned, there was plenty of action.

The day really started with all the speculation about who won the Whacktivity power. Everyone claimed they didn’t win it, because no one was willing to spill the beans about what they won. Someone is clearly lying. And we might find out who before Sunday’s all new Big Brother 21 episode. For now, we’ll just have to keep speculating like the houseguests.

Head of Household Jack pretty much had his mind made up about nominations since he won the Head of Household competition. His target would be Kemi Fakunle but he would also nominate Jessica Milagros as a pawn, and Kathryn Dunn if one of them came off the Big Brother 21 block this week.

Kemi has been dreading (since she’ll be on the block during her birthday) and expecting to go up on the block since Wednesday. Jessica, however, was a little shocked by the possibility of her nominations. She was in for an even bigger surprise when Jack told her that he heard she was the ringleader trying to start an all women’s alliance. Jessica took the deny, deny, and deny some more approach.

She then found herself crying to others about being put on the block for a lie. Nicole Anthony, Kemi, and Jessica wanted to know the rat among the ladies. They were shocked to find out that it wasn’t a rat but a black widow. Isabella Wang admitted to Nicole that she had told Jack about their alliance called the Black Widows.

Then it got around to Kemi and Jessica, but Nicole asked Jess to not tell Bella that she knew. Jessica agreed to it, but she was fuming. She also insisted that Bella started the group, not her.

David Alexander and Ovi Kabir were called into the Diary Room to get punishment costumes.

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