Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 2 Head of House Results (07/03/19)

The Big Brother 21 houseguests may not want to admit there is a divide, but there is definitely a divide. It’s the Gr8ful alliance against everyone not in it. Gr8ful had the power this week with Head of Household Christie Murphy in charge. There is a chance that Gr8ful might dominate this Head of Household competition again with so many players.

Big Brother 21 Julie Chen

The houseguests were given a surprise when Julie announced Camp Comeback, which changes the game in a major way. It’s not the time to sit quiet and watch the game. The houseguests need to play hard for the HOH or go home, well stay in the house for a few weeks.


********************************************************************************************************************************* *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

Houseguests had to watch a series of firework displays, then answer red, white, or blue.

Round #1-Everyone got it.

Round #2- Nick out

Round 3-Tommy, Kat, Holly out

Round #4-Sis, Bella, Sam, Cliff, Kemi out.

Round #5-Nicole and Jackson out.

Round #6-Jessica and Jack got it right.

Round #7-Jack got it right.

Jack is the new HoH!!!


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