Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 15: Return of the Dead Campers

The morning Big Brother 21 Live Feeds involved Ovi Kabir trying to save his game. Hope wasn’t completely lost for him because Gr8ful debated whether it was best to try to use his power, or to try to get rid of it. They went with the cautious route of evicting him, as seen on last night’s Big Brother 21 episode.

Post-eviction, the Big Brother 21 houseguests tried to navigate how to deal with the latest twist. Jackson Michie immediately tried to smooth things over with Ovi, and explain why they had to vote him out the game. He tried to do the same with David Alexander, and he tried to explain why he made him compete in the banished houseguest competition.

Jackson and Jack Matthews also discussed how this new twist meant that Gr8ful needed to stay even more loyal. They didn’t want to deal with the consequences of an angry Nick Maccarone’s return to the game. This helped Jack decide to nominate Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros this week.

Kemi knew she would be Jack’s main target this week, and she was pissed about it. She tried to consider how she could flip this week and get him to target one of the guys instead of her. Jessica was a little more delusional about her possible game fate. She was upset that Jack beat her during the Head of Household competition, but not because she thought he target her, but because she missed her family. She wanted to see pictures of them and get a letter from her husband.

Only a little after the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds returned, Jack gathered everyone for a house meeting. He asked the houseguests to agree to not talk game with the evicted houseguests (aka Ovi and David). Holly Allen later revealed to Jackson that this was her idea. She was worried that David would use this info to blow up people’s games. Jackson and Holly talked about the potential threat of David, and they discussed Jackson’s relationship with Kathryn Dunn. He wanted to distance himself (romantically) from her, but didn’t want it to blow up in his face.

Ovi talked to Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III. He told them that he would fight hard to return to the game, but even if he didn’t return, he wanted to set them up to go further. He knew he could trust them and they fought for him to stay in the house. After they left, he told the cameras that he messed up by telling Jack and Jackson about his power. He felt most hurt by Tommy Bracco and Jack. He would pretend to be friendly with everyone, but he only trusts Cliff and Nicole now. They also told him that he was the real target after Veto. There was never a plan to keep him.

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