Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 1-Where is the Love?

Welcome to the Showmance Progress Report: your weekly dive into all things Big Brother 21 showmance related. Each week, we’ll either give a general overview of the budding romances, or a deep dive into one specific summer romance. Right now, we have a lot of flirting, but not quite sure if any of these Big Brother 21 potential romances have want it takes to go long term, at least long term in the game.

Big Brother 21 Week 1 Showmances

There have only been two official Big Brother 21 hook ups (so far), but those don’t seem to be progressing the way they once were. Kathryn Dunn is Jackson Michie crazy, but unfortunately, he’s just not that into her. In fact, he often seems more annoyed with her than genuinely interested in her as a person. This week, Kat is on the block, so she’s already kind of all over the place. Jackson and Holly Allen have been trying to keep Kat under control, but it’s not easy with a wild Kat on the loose.

Holly and Jackson’s Kat connection has seemed to bond them. Jackson mentioned to Christie Murphy that he found Holly and Analyse Talavrera attractive, but was most interested in Analyse. However, Jackson and Holly’s bond seems to get stronger by the day. She even told Analyse that she really liked his personality. We’re not sure if Holly and Jackson will progress further than a friendship because Kat and Holly are friends. She wouldn’t want to be the woman that takes the guy that her friend’s interested in, right?

It’s a bit more complicated with the Jackson and Kat dynamic because, allegedly, Kat and Jackson were intimate before the Feeds turned on for the summer. This might explain why Kat thinks there is more there between her and him than Jackson seems to think.

On the other showmance front, Analyse and Holly both said that Jack Matthews was hot, but he becomes less hot daily, due to his personality. However, Analyse still flirts with him, but her interest seems to be going in another direction. Nick Maccarone seems to have gotten himself in a sort-of love triangle, but not really.

Nick has confessed that him and Isabella Wang have kissed a few times. He also said that he likes her personality, but he’s more interested in Analyse, especially when he found out that she might like him too. Nick wants to be with Analyse, but clearly insecure about their potential, especially because he believes she could be showmancing with Jack. Analyse has tried to assure Nick that she’s not interested in Jack that way.

Nick and Bella have really bonded, even having a really deep and profound conversation about their lives, which happened on June 28 starting around 2:45 PDT with Tommy Bracco also around, and then turning exclusively into a conversation between them at 3:10 PDT.

Bella and Nick seem to have the deeper bond but it might have turned from showmance potential to just friendship.
We’ll continue to follow these potential showmances and see if any of them become the real thing, or stay just potential.

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