Will Big Brother 21’s Holly Allen and Jackson Michie Become the Second Showmance Ever to Make it to the Final Two?

By: on September 25, 2019 |

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen began their Big Brother romance quite early in the season. They had a sort-of will they/won’t they dynamic for the first couple weeks, then become glued to hip from their first kiss until now. Jackson and Holly have had a shaky romance, sometimes a very hard to watch one. Now, […]

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Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 4-Hit it and Quit it Jackson Strikes Again

By: on July 22, 2019 |

The whole“how you get him is how you lose him” saying has never been more true than this week on Big Brother 21. Let’s all take a trip back to week 1 of Big Brother 21. Jackson Michie hooked up with Kathryn Dunn before the feeds, but wanted to end things with her. He kept […]

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Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 3-Threemances

By: on July 16, 2019 |

The Big Brother 21 house seems to have a showmance infestation, or at least a “too much love for one” person problem. It all started back before the Big Brother Live Feeds started. Kathryn Dunn and Jackson Michie were flirting their way into a showmance, which led to some pre-feeds sex, which led to a little more hooking up, which led to […]

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Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 2-Birthday Kisses

By: on July 8, 2019 |

Last week, the Big Brother 21 showmances were just starting to form. Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang shared a deep, personal heart-to-heart, and a pre-feeds kiss or two. However, Nick had a major crush on Analyse Talavera and she claimed to like him as well…but Jack Matthews was just too hot to her. Meanwhile, Jack […]

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Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 1-Where is the Love?

By: on July 1, 2019 |

Welcome to the Showmance Progress Report: your weekly dive into all things Big Brother 21 showmance related. Each week, we’ll either give a general overview of the budding romances, or a deep dive into one specific summer romance. Right now, we have a lot of flirting, but not quite sure if any of these Big […]

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Big Brother’s Best Showmances Ranked (According to You)

By: on February 14, 2019 |

Big Brother fans are always divided when it comes to showmances. Some fans love them, some fans hate them, and some fans hate that they love them. For better or worse, they have become a major element of the Big Brother narrative. Players enter the house anti-showmance, and then find the love of their lives. […]

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Which Couple is the Best Big Brother Showmance [POLL] ?

By: on February 11, 2019 |

We’re very close to Valentine’s Day. The day many love, and even more hate. In honor of the greeting card’s holiday, we’re counting down the ultimate Big Brother showmance. Throughout the 20 plus seasons of Big Brother there have been at least one showmance in almost every season. The last three seasons have consists of […]

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Big Brother 18 Showmances: Everyone’s Hooking Up! 7/12/2016

By: on July 12, 2016 |

It finally happened, America! On Sunday’s episode of CBS Big Brother 18, we finally saw some more existence of the showmances within the house. A small segment of the episode was dedicated to showcasing the evolution of Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel’s showmance, along with Natalie Negrotti and James Huling’s flirtmance. Plus, of course, on […]

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Big Brother 18 Showmances: Love Blooming or Just Strategy? 7/6/2016

By: on July 6, 2016 |

With still no evidence of Showmances on the CBS Big Brother 18 TV show, casual viewers are probably wondering what’s going on inside the house. Almost every season throughout series history has had some form of Showmance or even Fauxmance. But to those that don’t watch the Big Brother Live Feeds, casual viewers have no idea that […]

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Big Brother 18 Showmances Heating Up! 6/28/2016

By: on June 29, 2016 |

It must be that time again, because after being trapped in the Big Brother 18 house for 13 days; romance has begun to blossom for the summer! Which couples might have a future as the next Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd? Or perhaps instead crash and burn after the show ends like McCrae Olson and […]

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