Big Brother 21 Showmance Report: Week 4-Hit it and Quit it Jackson Strikes Again

The whole“how you get him is how you lose him” saying has never been more true than this week on Big Brother 21. Let’s all take a trip back to week 1 of Big Brother 21. Jackson Michie hooked up with Kathryn Dunn before the feeds, but wanted to end things with her. He kept telling her that he needed to distance himself for his game. He also told others that he regretted the hook up because he had no interest in Kat.

He spoke very badly of her to others and even made it seem like she was a burden to have in the game. As Kat and Jackson went their own ways, Holly Allen and Jackson continued to grow closer. Then their blossoming showmance grew into a full one two weeks ago when Jackson cast the rogue vote to protect the Six Shooters. Jackson and Holly were going happily along…until yesterday.

Jackson has been a Have-Not all week and on the block for part of it. Jackson really likes his food, so everyone expected a very cranky version of him this week. Well the self-proclaimed king of no emotions, got emotional about Holly regretting having sex with him on camera. She didn’t realize that sex could be shown on the feeds and her sex sessions with Jackson could have been shown a few times.

Maybe Holly’s choice of words weren’t the best to say around someone as sensitive and emotionally charged as Jackson, because on July 21 around 4:30 PM BBT, he spoke to Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera about him not wanting to be someone’s regret and being something that they’re embarrassed about. He would solve Holly’s internal conflict by just ending things with her. Tommy and Analyse tried to explain Holly’s side. They told him that it wasn’t that she didn’t like him. She just didn’t want to have sex on camera. He said he understood that but he was just going to make things easier for her by stopping it. He would still have her back in the game, but they would just be friends.

Flash-forward to a few hours later (around 9:30 BBT), Holly and Jackson were on the hammock and Jackson basically told her the same thing that he told Tommy and Analyse, but in a calmer tone (at first). Holly was confused as to why he was trying to just be so abrupt and cut things off. She said that’s not what she wanted. She still wanted to be with him, but wanted to be more discreet about things. He chimed in and said that you can’t really be discreet with cameras and mics around all the time.

Jackson added that there couldn’t be any middle ground. She had to either be all in (with their sex/showmance) or not be in it at all. He didn’t have emotions (according to him), so he would be fine either way. Holly continued to try to explain herself and even apologized if she said something that hurt his feelings.

Click the images to get a closer look at Jackson and Holly’s “breakup.” 

While all this was going on, Jack Matthews and Analyse were exercising in the backyard. The conversation between Jackson and Holly had turned a little passive aggressive jokey. Jackson joked that he still wanted her vote in the finals and she joked that he wasn’t getting it. Then Jack started talking to them from across the room. Jack mentioned that Jackson used to be jacked when he entered the house.

Holly lifted up Jackson’s shirt and then said she missed the old Michie and she missed his abs. Jackson jokingly told them to f-off and then got off the hammock. Holly laughed and said she was joking but it was clear Jackson was pissed. She then followed him inside. He said he was going to sleep and didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but mentioned having an eating disorder in the past so her joke was not something he could accept.

She said she didn’t mean it that way. He basically sent her away. She went downstairs where Tommy and Kat were making slop cookies. She stayed there awhile before they offered her one to give to Jackson. She went back to his room to offer him a cookie. He refused it. Holly kept trying to talk about what happened and him misconstruing her words. She said she would talk to him in the morning when he felt better.

Jackson said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore and he had made his final decision. Some of the things she said were things he didn’t tolerate, and these weren’t the first questionable comments she made. Holly didn’t accept Jackson’s dismissal and said that they talk in the morning because she wasn’t going to let him misinterpret some of her comments. He ended their conversation by requesting that she don’t go run her mouth about this to people downstairs.


Technically, Holly and Jackson have uncoupled but this might not be the end. We’ll have to see how things play out today, but Holly should take this as a sign of future toxic behavior to come and run as fast as possible. If Jackson does get his way, he will have successful had sex with two women and dumped them in the Big Brother 21 house. That might not be a great strategy for future Big Brother players, especially if they both make jury.

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