Big Brother 22 Episode 34 Recap: Who Was Evicted Tonight?

We are in the final days of Big Brother All-Stars with only four houseguests left in the Big Brother house. Head of Household Enzo Palumbo nominated Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott to the block for eviction this week. They both were hoping to win the Power of Veto and save their games, but Cody Calafiore added another victory to his resume by winning the POV. He chose to leave the noms the same.

Big Brother All-Stars

Tonight, either Christmas or Nicole will be evicted and added to the jury, and the other block nominee will seal their place in the final three of Big Brother All-Stars. Enzo wants to keep Christmas as he feels she is better for his game while Cody wants to keep Nicole for the same reason. Who will be evicted and who will be in the final three with Cody and Enzo?

Week Eleven Power of Veto Aftermath

Enzo spoke with Christmas in the HOH room and told her how badly he would like her in the final three with him. He asked her to make whatever deals and do whatever she has to do to ensure she is sitting next to him.

On the other side of the house, Nicole is trying to convince Cody that she is the best choice to take to the final two with him. She is also bragging about being the houseguest with the most days inside the Big Brother house if she makes it to the final two. Cody is not interested in helping her scorecard, just what’s best for his game.

Week Eleven Last Minute Wheeling & Dealing

Christmas knows the target is on her back for this week’s eviction. She is trying to work her Christmas magic. She spoke with Cody and told him she was the best bet for the final three with him because she promised to take him to the final two. She explained that Enzo would take Christmas over Cody to the final two. The reason…Enzo would have a much better chance to win sitting next to Christmas as opposed to Cody with the jury votes.

Week Eleven Jury House Update

Memphis Garrett is the next houseguest to join the jury house and the jury members are shocked he was evicted. Memphis showed them a video from his last days in the Big Brother house highlighting Nicole’s HOH and how he was evicted.

Big Brother Jury House

Most of the jury members agree that Cody is playing the best game in the Big Brother house right now. Memphis thinks Christmas is playing the best game, but he does not know that she will most likely be the next houseguest evicted. The jury, as always, is taking their responsibility of picking the best player very seriously.

Week Eleven Live Eviction Vote

With winning the Power of Veto this week and with only four players left in the game, Cody has all of the power with the eviction this week. Enzo can’t vote as the HOH, and Nicole and Christmas can’t vote as they are on the block. That only leaves Cody to decide who will be in the final three.

Cody decided to take Nicole to the final three and to evict Christmas. He explained that is what is best for his game moving forward.

During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Christmas admitted that she saw her eviction coming for weeks. She said she held out hope until the bitter end, but she knew she was about to be evicted. She also explained that this is a game and she does not take it personally. Christmas felt like she had a good chance to win against any of them in a final two scenario.

Big Brother Christmas Abbott

Week Eleven Updates From Home

All three houseguests received video messages from their loved ones back home. Enzo got to hear from his young son and daughter. Nicole got a message from Victor Arroyo (as us BB fams all know), and Cody got a message from his girlfriend. They were all emotional with hearing the messages.

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