Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1 Recap (12/11/23)

Christmas is coming a little early this year for Big Brother fans. The Big Brother house has been transformed into Santa’s Lodge for the first ever Reindeer Games. Houseguests from the past will visit Santa’s Lodge and compete in various Christmas-themed competitions. The winning houseguest wins a $100,000 Christmas prize.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

The “Magical Elves” that will be hosting the show are fromer houseguests Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell, and Jordan Lloyd. Past houseguests scheduled to compete include Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Taylor Hale, Josh Martinez, and Xavier Prather. In addition, BB fan-favorites Britney Haynes, Cameron Hardin, Frankie Grande and Danielle Reyes round off the list. Let the games begin.

Big Brother Welcomes Santa to the House

Big Brother has stacked this spin-off with some heavy hitters when it comes to competitions. The Big Brother house is beyond amazing with all the Christmas and Santa decorations. This Big Brother spin-off is looking to be amazing.

Santa, the big guy himself, introduces himself to the houseguests that have arrived to his lodge. The nine former Big Brother players listed above were all introduced and welcomed into Santa’s Lodge.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Santa

Santa announced that Christmas is in danger of being cancelled, and the former houseguests will help prevent this. Over the next two weeks, anytime there are problems at the North Pole, Santa needs the houseguests to step in and solve the problems. The player that falls short each day will be sent home.

The festive foursome left standing at the end will be invited to compete in the annual Reindeer Games. This will be a head-to-head competition where the last elf standing walks away with $100,000.

Santa announced that the rules each day of the competition will be completely different. The houseguests will compete as solos, duos, and even as teams. Although social aspects of Reindeer Games are important, it is still paramount to win competitions.

Big Brother Alliances Begin to Form

Before the first competition even begins, the houseguests begin forming connections and alliances to help take them to the end of the game. Dani, Taylor, Josh, and Xavier formed an alliance for the final four; however, Dani is just telling them what they want to hear. She wants to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. She sees them all as threats as former winners.

Big Brother Santa’s First Challenge

Jordan visits the Santa Lodge as an Elf Ambassador. She announced that the first challenge each day will be the Naughty and Nice challenge. Santa needs help with DJ Scroogie. He is refusing to perform at the Lodge until someone can solve his riddle.

There are giant presents spread around the Lodge. They will open one at a time revealing a clue to DJ’s favorite holiday song. When each houseguest thinks they know the song, they must ring the silver bell and make their guess. They have to be careful because they only get one guess. Only the first player to correctly guess the song will win by solving the first riddle.

The winner of the Naughty and Nice challenge will receive a special power. Santa will not reveal the special power until the first winner is crowned. Good luck houseguests.

Big Brother Reindeer Games DJ Scroogie

The first clue is revealed which is a miniature Christmas house. The next clue is a large golden hand in the position indicating number one. The third clue is a spinning top. Britney guessed the song correctly first as Up On The House Top and won the Naughty and Nice power.

With her victory, Britney won an advantage at the next challenge, the Jingle Bell Brawl. In addition to her advantage, Britney has the power to put someone on the Naughty list giving them a disavantage at the same challenge. These advantages and disadvantages are very important in determining whether or not houseguests stay or go.

Britney, Nicole, and Dani talked about who would be the best houseguest to recieve the disadvantage. They all agreed a male would be the best decision. They seem to be leaning towards Cody or Frankie.

Britney told the other houseguests that she is taking a poll about who should receive the disadvantage. She will announce the winner of the poll when the time comes to announce her decision for the naughty list.

When all was said and done, Britney picked Cody to receive the disadvantage for the first challenge.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Jingle Bell Brawl

Jingle Bell Brawl is the first competition of the season. Jordan announced there is a back-up at the North Pole Post Office. The letters to Santa are no longer being delivered. Here’s how the competition works.

Each player will take their letters and deliver them to the central sorting station, (ie. another players mailbox). When are are done delivering those letters, they must deliver any letters left in their mailbox by racing across the candy cane bridge each time. The first player to deliver all of their letters and redeliver the other letters placed by their houseguests will win the competition and safety.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Jingle Bell Brawl

The competition is in full swing. Cameron seems to be the biggest target in the game. Frankie and Taylor are in the lead. They each only have a couple letters left to complete the challenge. The other houseguests noticed that Frankie was about to win and started putting more letters into his mailbox. Even with the extra target against him, Frankie won the competition.

Frankie won safety for the day, but he also must decide which two players to send to the first Santa’s Showdown. The loser of the showdown will be eliminated and can no longer vie for the final four and Reindeer Games.

Frankie met with all of the houseguests to discuss his impending decision in Santa’s Office (HOH Room). Cameron was a big target in the Jingle Bell Brawl and will be one of Frankie’s target.

At the Nomination Ceremony for Santa’s Showdown, Frankie chose Cameron and Xavier to compete against one another. One of the two will be eliminated today. Frankie based his decision on which houseguest received the most letters in their box in the Jingle Bell Brawl.

Big Brother Santa’s Showdown

This competition takes place in Santa’s Workshop. Cameron and Xavier will be going head-to-head to determine which houseguest will be the first eliminated from the game.

This is a puzzle competition. There are 57 sweater pieces to design Yeti’s Christmas sweater. The first houseguest to complete the sweater in the correct manner wins the first Santa’s Showdown and safety from elimination.

Both competitors begin by emptying Santa’s bag with all the sweater pieces. They are both working at the same pace are neck-to-neck as far as winning the competition.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Sweater

By a decent margin, Xavier won the Santa Showdown. Cameron was eliminated and sent home. Before leaving, he was able to pick a gift under Santa’s tree. Cameron’s random choice was a year’s subscription to the jelly of the month club. That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year…as stated by Cousin Eddie.