Big Brother 21 Spoilers Week 5 Power of Veto Competition Results (07/27/19)

Sam Smith and Nick Maccarone are one of Big Brother 21’s truest friendships, and it might be torn apart this week. Basically since week 2, Nick and Isabella Wang have been enemies of the house. Nick delayed the inevitable by winning the second week Head of Household. However Cliff Hogg III winning HOH and the threat of Christie Murphy’s Whacktivity power was enough to end the game of the Nella showmance. Bella left the house last week and now they want to finish what they started by getting Nick out.

Sam has been loyal to Nick and Bella since day one, and he proved his loyalty even more by not voting with the majority last week. Good for Sam as a friend, but bad for his game. He’s being labeled guilty by association. Now, the house has been debating who they want to send home this week. The Power of Veto ceremony could determine who leaves the game.

Head of Household Holly Allen stuck with the Six Shooters’ plan and nominated Sam and Nick this week. Jessica Milagros, Cliff, and Tommy Bracco were the players chosen to compete alongside Holly, Nick, and Sam. Now, it all comes down to the Veto, friend against friend, Six Shooters against non-Sis Shooters, so who will be victorious?



Nick won the Power of Veto!

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