Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 38: Sam Wants Holly to Target…Jess?!

Nick Maccarone and Sam Smith knew they were in big Big Brother danger when Holly Allen won the Head of Household. Holly was a proud member of the Six Shooters, and she wasn’t likely to stray from their path this week, especially for Nick who mentioned her as a target to the other side.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sam tried to get the target off Nick and his back by reminding Holly and Jackson Michie that there were other viable targets, like Jessica Milagros. Sam hates the way Jess plays Big Brother 21 and really wants her out of the game. He tried to convince Holly to protect Nick and him, and just go after the floaters.

Holly of course wasn’t listening to what Sam was spewing. Also, she actually likes Jess and wants to keep her close. She even spoke to Michie about Nicole Anthony likely being her other option if she chose not to nominate Sam and Nick. However, Kathryn Dunn and her came up with a plan, if Sam or Nick win this week’s Veto, Holly will nominate Kat. This allows Holly to keep more blood off her hands, and it allows Kat and Holly to keep their alliance a secret. Kat is confident that she has the votes to stay over Nick or Sam.

Besides pointing the target at Jess, as a front or backdoor option, Sam tried to pitch to Jackson and Holly that Nick and him would never target them. They’re at the bottom of the six person alliance, so they’ll need someone to work with to take out the other four. Sam tried hard to change his fate this week, but Nick seemed resound to it. He knew Holly was going to nominate him, so he didn’t fight it. Instead, he thought of a way to bring himself back into the Gr8ful alliance.

While speaking to the Live Feed watchers, Nick admitted that he needs to get back in with that majority. He said that the other side isn’t really an other side, it’s just floaters. He needs to work with the majority alliance and then help them when they start targeting each other. He needs to lay low and strike later.

Sam and Nick also talked about picking Veto players. Nick encouraged Sam to pick Jess because he could beat her. Sam said he wouldn’t pick Jess, but he would pick Cliff Hogg III because he could get him to use the Veto, and he thought he could beat him. Nick said he would just pick Jess. Sam also mentioned that he might throw the Veto to Nick, so that Jess could go on the block and become the target.

Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco received their Pose In Ivy HOH punishment. They had to wear yellow baiting suits while painted with red dots. It wasn’t the tied together punishment that they hoped for.

Nick and Christie have a talk where they discuss the new Nick (since Isabella Wang left) and things that have happened between Christie and him, and Nick and Gr8ful so far, like the flip on Cliff and whether Nick told Jackson that Christie was targeting him. He denied it.

Sam, Nicole, and Jessica were chosen to be this week’s Have-Nots.

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