Big Brother 25 Week 7 Head of Household (09/14/23) Results

Big Brother 25 Week 7 HOH

The Big Brother 25 tides have shifted and now the power structure has been completely demolished. Cirie and her 50 thousand alliances exist no more. Instead, everyone has basically become a free agent. Wednesday in the Big Brother 25 house, Cory, America, Jag, Matt, and Bowie attempted to make a new alliance with the plan to blindside Jared, Blue, and Cirie by voting out Izzy over Felicia

All hell broke loose today when Jared, Cirie, and Izzy began to figure out that Izzy was going home. They could read the house’s temperature and made assumptions based on who was being called to the Diary Room. Jared made an attempt to be filled in on the vote flip.

He lied about Jag telling him about the vote flip, which worked. This leads to Matt confessing about the vote flip, leading to Jared confronting Cory. Cory and Jared went back and forth going nowhere but it basically made their split as alliance members official. This also meant that the house had all become free agents. 

Because it was such a chaotic start to the day, the Big Brother 25 houseguests will definitely all be trying their hardest to win this week’s Big Brother 25 endurance wall competition. We could be in for a long competition, so grab your snacks and strap in as we recap this week’s Big Brother 25 endurance competition. 



Cirie was the first to fall with less than ten minutes into the comp.

Felicia is out about twenty minutes into the comp.

America falls a little after Felicia.

Mecole and Cory fall basically right after each other.

Jag then came down about 40 minutes into the competition. Matt falls out next. This leaves Jared, Blue, and Bowie as the last three.

Blue and fall right after each other. This left Jared.

Jared is the new HoH. 



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