Big Brother Spoilers: Team America Mission Fail In Week 9

Big Brother Team America totally failed on their secret mission this past week in our opinion. Apparently a large majority of Big Brother 16 fans agree with us. CBS asked fans to vote on whether or not the freestyle mission was a success and we are guessing they voted a big, fat “no” based on what we’re seeing on social media.

Big Brother Team America play (CBS)
Big Brother Team America play (CBS)

Team America’s mission this week was to come up with their own task that all three of them had to participate in. Donny quickly seized on this opportunity to try to get Derrick and Frankie to help save him from the block. Unfortunately, they both shut him down immediately and killed that very good idea. Instead, Frankie proposed putting on a stupid, pointless ‘play’ in the house that no one really wanted to do.

The play happened, but only because production ‘forced’ it to go down by locking the Houseguests inside with nothing better to do. There were a few funny moments and a few laughs, but mostly it was a whole lot of boring stupid that quickly petered out into nothing. CBS actually made it look a whole lot better on the network show than it was on the Live Feeds — by a LOT.

For the fans watching how everything went down on the Big Brother Live Feeds, this was just one massive disappointment. It was made even worse when Frankie suddenly reversed his whole position over the last few days and ended up wanting to save Donny instead of evict him — and Derrick was okay with that idea! If only they had gone that way in the beginning, we might not be almost certainly sending Donny home tonight.

So, we think the Team America mission in week 9 was a total fail for being a bad choice in the first place. We also think it is a fail because the Houseguests were forced into doing it by production with an otherwise pointless indoor lockdown. Plus, the play sucked and was painful to watch.

Apparently America agrees because the response on Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly negative. On the Big Brother Twitter account, fans were asked if they would vote yes or no as to whether or not Team America pulled off its mission this week. The “no” responses drowned the “yes” ones in a massive flood.

So if CBS actually goes by what the voters say, Team America will fail this week and not get that extra 5K each. We feel bad for Donny, who deserved the money for his idea, but not for Derrick and Frankie. We hope they will be feeling like the rats they are when they don’t get that cash. IF, of course, CBS abides by what the fans say, and doesn’t just give them the cash anyway because THEY decide the mission was a success.


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