Big Brother 25 Episode 18 Recap: Cam’s Chaos Week Continues

Cameron Hardin regained power in the Big Brother 25 house and set out to shake things up. After his first week as HOH was a disappointment thanks to a Big Brother twist, Cameron has not held back this time around the block and promised to go for those in power. He backdoored Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon as block nominations this week.

BB25 Cameron Hardin

The coveted Power of Veto competition will be played this evening, making or breaking anyone’s game in the Big Brother house. Will Izzy or Felicia save their games with a POV win, and will a POV victory lead Cameron to target Cirie Fields as promised? Let’s find out now.

Big Brother 25 Week Six Block Nomination Aftermath

During the nomination ceremony, Cameron made a sarcastic comment that he did not want to be another male houseguest voted out by Felicia and Izzy. While speaking with Cam in the HOH room, Felicia reminded him that the entire Big Brother house voted out Hisam.

Then Felicia started to sing like a songbird, telling Cam all about Izzy and Cirie while throwing them under the bus. Cameron told Felicia that she was not the target this week and was the pawn. Felicia feels unsafe because pawns go home in the Big Brother house.


During Izzy’s conversation with Cam in the HOH house, he told her how much he wanted to work with her moving forward. He also insisted she was not the target this week. Izzy could see through his lies, and she was willing to play his game to try and save her game. In the diary room, Cam admitted she was his target.

Cirie spoke to Cameron and thanked him…for what, I am not sure. He told her that the block nominations were something that needed to happen. Cirie is doing all she can to save her game right now as she can sense Cameron’s plans to put her up as the replacement nominee this week.

Izzy told Cirie in private that if she won the Big Brother POV, she would not use it to take herself off the block. Izzy knows that Cameron will put Cirie in Izzy’s place on the block if given the chance. Izzy isn’t willing to take that risk and says she will do whatever is needed to save Cirie’s game.

Cameron feels he can trust Jared Feilds at this point in the game. He let Jared in on his 4 step plan except for the final step. He is keeping that one to himself for now.

Step 1. Make the Big Brother 25 house believe Blue Kim and Jag Bains were his targets this week.
Step 2. Nominate Izzy and Felicia to the block for eviction.
Step 3. Make sure both Izzy and Felicia believe they are pawns this week.
Step 4. If Izzy or Felicia come off the block, nominate Cirie in their place.

Jared suspects that the final step in Cameron’s plan is to nominate his mother, Cirie.

Big Brother 25 Week Six Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Cameron, Izzy, and Felicia, Matt Klotz, Jared, and Jag will be playing in this week’s POV competition.

This week’s POV competition is hosted by Josh Duhamel, the new host of the CBS show Buddy Games. This competition is called Buddy Ball (but it’s the infamous prizes and punishment competition), and here is how it works. This competition will be played in a series of rounds. Each houseguest will sit on the whirly-twirly throne and be spun around for 30 seconds.

The houseguests will stumble to the ball pit area after twirling to take three shots at the numbers within 30 seconds. The scores will be added together. The lowest scorer from each round will be eliminated; however, they will pick a prize on their way out.

BB25 Felicia Cannon

After receiving the first prize, the next player can pick a new prize or take a previous one given to one of the houseguests. The last player standing will be able to choose the golden POV as their prize or any of the other prizes given out during the game. Let’s play!

This is a grueling game of stamina and the ability to withstand being spun like a wheel. The hope is to be the last standing so you don’t receive a punishment and win the golden POV. When the dust settled and all was said and done, here is who won which prizes.

Jag won the $5,000 cash prize
Matt won the Duhamel-a-maniac
Izzy won Piggy Pals and chose Cameron to become Pig Pals
Felicia won Kayak Companion and chose Cirie to join her
Cameron won a European Vacation
Jared won the Golden POV

The punishments this week are Duhamel-a-maniac, Piggy Pals, and Kayak Companion. The Kayak punishment Felicia settled with involves her and Cirie wearing a kayak for 48 hours together. They must be in their kayak whenever they move around the Big Brother 25 house.

BB25 Felicia and Cirie

Matt’s punishment entitles him to dress like Josh Duhamel as the host of Buddy Games plus he must carry a life-size Josh cardboard cutout all week. In addition, each time Big Brother requests, Matt has to take a selfie with the Josh cutout.

BB25 Matt Klotz

The Piggy Pal’s punishment was given to Izzy, who chose Cameron to join her. They must wear pig costumes for the next week. They are also tasked with transferring 2,000 scoops of dirt to their pig pens in the next 12 hours, or Izzy will be ineligible for the next POV competition.

BB25 Cameron and Izzy

Big Brother 25 POV Plans & POV Ceremony

Once Jared won the golden POV, Cameron finally let him in on the fourth and final plan for the week. He told Jared he wanted to take Felicia off the block and replace her with Cirie. Jared can’t have this because Cirie is his mother.

Jared instantly started talking Cameron into other options for eviction this week. He went in hard for Jag who was Cameron’s target that failed just two weeks ago. Cameron could tell that Jared did not want to target Cirie. Now, the two must devise a plan to satisfy both games.

Jared talked Cameron into letting him not use the POV this week and leave Izzy and Felicia on the block for eviction. Jared knew if he used the veto, his mother would sit on the block.

Join us tomorrow September 14th at 8 PM EST for the live eviction vote to see if Izzy or Felicia is sent home.


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