Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/09/21)

It’s been a busy weekend for the Big Brother 23 houseguests, especially Cookout members and current Head of Household Derek Xiao. The week started out pretty simple: backdoor Christian Birkenberger. Everything was going as planned with Derek nominating Sarah Beth Steagall and Britini D’Angelo as pawns. Then Kyland Young, Alyssa Lopez, and Claire Rehfuss were picked to play in this week’s Big Brother 23 Veto Competition. Meaning that Christian would not play in it and it could be a true backdoor.

Derek Xiao Power of Veto Ceremony

Then things got even better when one of the nominees, Britini, won the Power of Veto. However, the problems began right after the Veto competition, though they started way before. Tiffany Mitchell really wants Sarah Beth out of the game.

Sarah Beth is targeting Tiffany’s final two Hannah Chaddha, and she is really close to Kyland, which could divide Kyland’s loyalty between her and the Cookout. Tiffany also sees the value in keeping Christian around. She can use Christian to get out some of the men who may be good at physical competitions, like Kyland.

Tiffany went to work to try to get Derek X to change his mind on backdooring Christian, but her efforts didn’t quite pan out this week. Instead, Derek stuck to his initial plan and wanted to nominate Christian this week. Tiffany may still attempt to flip the votes, but she’s likely accepted that Christian will be leaving this week.

She doesn’t want to betray her ally Derek X and ruin his game, because if Derek X swings at Christian and misses, Christian is coming back full-force at Derek X and his allies, specifically Kyland and Hannah. The Cookout has already decided Christian’s fate, but I’m sure it may switch back and forth all week especially with Tiffany not wanting Sarah Beth around much longer.

The Cookout plans to split the vote a bit to throw off suspicions of their alliance. Alyssa, Xavier Prather, Britini, and Tiffany will vote out Sarah Beth, and everyone else will vote out Chrisitan.

So what happened at today’s Power of Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out!



Britini used the Veto to save herself. Derek X named Christian as her replacement.

We are in for some interesting Big Brother 23 Feeds this week as Alyssa and Christian react to the Backdoor, and Tiffany and Kyland work separate agendas.

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