With only 11 Big Brother 23 houseguests remaining in the game, this is the last week before only jury members will remain in the house. This is an important week to stay off the block and away from any possibility of eviction. No one wants to be the last houseguest evicted before the jury begins.

Big Brother HOH

We pick up tonight with the week five Head of Household competition which is the infamous wall endurance competition. We just said goodbye to Whitney Williams under the HOH reign of Christian Birkenberger. Big Brother also disbanded the teams concept leaving the houseguests to decide how loyal those ties will remain.

Week Five Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Whale of a Time. The houseguests are on the traditional endurance wall. They must hang on for dear life while fighting all Big Brother can throw at them. The last houseguest left standing wins the next HOH.

The first houseguest to fall is Derek Frazier who hit the dust very early in the game. Claire Rehfuss purposely let’s go because she is already safe this week. Then, more Big Brother houseguests start to lose their grips after the hour mark.

After one hour and 20 minutes, only Derek Xiao and Xavier Prather remain on the wall. Derek X. and Xavier start to talk about making a deal. Derek X. reminded Xavier that he has already been HOH. As soon as Derek X. promised he would keep Xavier safe this week, Xavier let go of the wall making Derek X. the new Head of Household in the Big Brother 23 house.

Big Brother 23 HOH Xavier

After falling, Xavier thanks Derek X. and adds that the Kings team is safe as well. Derek X. seemed to agree to that deal after the fact. That would keep Xavier, Christian, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall safe this week.

Head of Household Competition Aftermath

Hannah Chaddha and Derek X. are the first to celebrate together in the storage room. Derek shared with Hannah the comment Xavier made about keeping all of the Kings safe. Hannah told him to do what was best for his Big Brother game.

The Kings meet in the bathroom. Alyssa said she feels safe this week because right before she fell off the wall, she was able to make that deal with Derek X. Christian doesn’t think Derek would put him on the block right away. He thinks that would be more of a Big Brother backdoor move.

While Derek and Hannah were talking, Tiffany Michell sat down and started talking game. She mentioned the Royal Flush alliance in front of Hannah. As soon as Tiffany left, Hannah asked what was the Royal Flush. He told her it was just a one-week thing to keep them safe. Derek X. thinks she bought it. She didn’t.

Derek Makes His Rounds Talking To The House

Derek and Xavier cleared up their arrangement. Derek assured Xavier safety for the week but not necessarily his team. That really confused Xavier because his team and Derek are allies in the Royal Flush alliance.

Derek spoke with Sarah Beth who is in the Royal Flush and the Kings. Derek asked her if she would be OK being a pawn for the week. SB wanted no parts of that and tried to make that clear.

Derek X. confides in the diary room that he wants to backdoor Christian this week. Therefore, he needs a couple of pawns to put up. Derek X. asked half the Big Brother house if they would be a pawn. Amazingly, no one wanted to be a pawn.

Big Brother 23 Derek X

Hannah, Derek’s ride or die, wants SB put on the block as a pawn. If the backdoor of Christian doesn’t pan out, Hannah wouldn’t mind SB going home now. That would be best for her Big Brother game.

Week Five Block Nomination Ceremony

At the ceremony, Derek nominated SB and Britini D’angelo to the block for eviction this week. Keep in mind, both are on the block as pawns and Christian is his real target. If he can’t backdoor Christian, SB will become his target. Either way, a king will finally be going home. Poor Britini has been put up on the block three out of five weeks in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 23 Week 5 Block Noms

Join us again on Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c for the Power of Veto competition.

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