Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/9/20)

Christmas came early this year in the Big Brother All-Stars house when Da’Vonne Rogers choked and handed this week’s Head of Household title to Christmas Abbott. Instead of having a stress free week with all of the power in the Big Brother house, Day is now sitting on the block for eviction. To make matters even worse, she is sitting right next to her ride-or-die partner Bayleigh Dayton.

Big Brother All-Stars Block Nominees

With Bay and Day on the block together, their Black Girl Magic alliance is definitely in trouble unless they can pull off some magic themselves. In tonight’s episode, the Power of Veto competition will be played where one of the girls can save themselves from the block forcing Christmas to nominate another houseguest for eviction. Can Day or Bay pull a rabbit out of a hat tonight and save their game in the Big Brother All-Stars house?

Week Five Block Nominations Fallout

The reason Christmas gave for nominating Bay and Day was that Bay had told her that Day was her untouchable. Day cannot figure out why she was put on the block when she didn’t even have the talk with Christmas about untouchables. Christmas was unable to give any more explanation other than that.

After the nominations ceremony, Bay and Day were both extremely emotional. Bay was ready to just tap out, but Day convinced her to fight. Bay got her head straightened out and got motivated to play.

During her visit to visit the HOH room, ironically Bay was the one consoling Christmas while she cried. She was not able to give Bay any logical reason for nominating her to the block.

While Bay was taking a nap, Day spoke with Dani Donato and Nicole Franzel. During the conversation, Day spilled the beans about Tyler Crispen telling her and Bay that Dani wanted to target them (B + D). Of course, Dani was livid that Tyler gave up info between the two of them. Dani wanted to backdoor Tyler with Day, but Nicole was not on board with that plan.

Big Brother All-Stars Talk

Soon thereafter, Dani visited Christmas and told her that Tyler was trying to set up the girls in the house to go against one another. Dani and Christmas are in an alliance with Tyler, so this obviously presents a problem. Christmas wanted to hold off on targeting Tyler right now.

Week Five Power of Veto Competition

Time to pick players for the POV competition. As always, the HOH and two noms automatically participate. Christmas, Bay, Day, Nicole, Dani, and Ian Terry are the six houseguests playing in the week five POV competition.

Ian went to see the medic because he has not been able to sleep for two nights, and his heart is racing out of his chest. He is not sure if he can compete in the POV competition. After visiting the media again, he was declared ineligible to play in the POV competition. He just needed some rest and relaxation to clear his mind.

The week five POV comp is called Mathcathelon. The players will begin on the track starting line with their hands on two buttons. They must keep those buttons depressed until they see an equation on the screen that equals lucky number 13. Once they see it, they let go of the buttons and race down the track to hit the button at the end. The last player to touch at the end of the track is eliminated from the competition.

This is also a prize competition. After each round, the losing player will choose a trophy containing a hidden prize. The players can’t too get attached to their prizes as the players eliminated after them have the option of keeping their prize or taking someone else’s prize. The last player standing has their choice of any prize including the golden Power of Veto.

Day had a false start in round one and was eliminated. She won the POV. Bay false started in the second round. She won a home gym prize that included a no slop pass, but she took the POV from Day. Round three eliminated Dani, and she won a punishment wearing a slop-a-tard. She took the home gym prize from Day.

Big Brother All-Stars POV

The next round’s winner was Nicole, and she won $5,000. She gave Day the $5,000 and took the unitard punishment. Christmas got another punishment and gave that to Bay who now has the punishment. She has to ride a tricycle around a course for 500 laps. In the end, Christmas holds the POV.

Unexpected Player Breakdown

Tyler approached Bay and Day in tears about how he is feeling about the current situation. After seeing their reaction to losing the POV competition, Tyler realized that he was the reason they were on the block this week. He was the one that told them about Dani wanting them gone. He said that he didn’t deserve to be in the Big Brother house because they want it way much more than he does right now.

Tyler suggested that he go to Christmas and offer to leave this week to save Bay and Day from eviction this week.  Bay and Day were very appreciative, but both were afraid to get their hopes up too high. Tyler went to Christmas, and she said she would take this under consideration. She did admit that if she backdoored him this week, that could possibly hurt her game, which she was not ready to do.

Week Five Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV Ceremony, Christmas decided NOT to use the POV. The block nominees will remain the same. Either Day or Bay will be evicted from the Big Brother house tomorrow evening. Join us tomorrow night Thursday, September 10 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the live eviction to see which houseguest will be going home.

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