Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 5 Eviction Predictions-Which Member of The BayDay Alliance Goes Home Tonight?

When this Big Brother week began, it seems like things were already set. Christmas Abbott would continue as a loyal member of the Committee and target two people outside of it. She chose to go after Bayleigh Dayton-Williams and Da’Vonne Rogers, then proceed to use the word “untouchable” four million times. The Veto didn’t save either nominee and things went on as expected. It’s been a very up and down week for most of the houseguests, specially Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, but it all comes down to tonight.

The week began with Bayleigh not wanting to campaign and ready to die on her sword for Da’Vonne. However, Da’vonne encouraged her to fight for her game life. The two spent the last few days campaigning, but the house seemed set on a decision.

Despite their campaigning, it didn’t really matter what either of them said. The house planned to vote out Bayleigh tonight. David Alexander tried to help his friend out by campaigning on her behalf, but it didn’t change anyone’s minds. It also reopened a wound between Da’vonne and him.

Tonight, Bayleigh will likely be evicted by a unanimous vote. There are several hours left before the live eviction, so anything can change, but as of now, Bayleigh will be the last person evicted before the Big Brother 22 jury begins.

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