Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/10/20)

Tonight, another fan favorite Big Brother All-Star will be evicted under the house majority controlled alliance that has been in control for weeks now. Either Da’Vonne Rogers or Bayleigh Dayton will be gone after tonight’s live eviction, and Head of Household Christmas Abbott is the one responsible for putting them on the block.

Big Brother All-Stars Week Five Eviction

Bay and Day had a final two pact they called Black Girl Magic that they hoped saw them all the way to the end of the Big Brother game. Unfortunately, there weren’t any rabbits pulled out of any hats during this week’s Power of Veto competition that could have saved at least one of them from the block. Now, they must battle one another for votes to stay inside the house. Which popular Big Brother All-Star will be sent packing?

Week Five Power of Veto Fallout

Once Christmas decided NOT to put Tyler Crispen on the block after she won the POV, and Tyler requested to leave, Day was livid with the situation. Tyler decided to re-dedicate himself to the game and concentrate on what he needs to do to play better now that he is staying in the Big Brother house.

Bay was very emotional with the reality that either herself or Day would be evicted from the house this week. She was really upset because she feels as though her ride-or-die, Day, is only on the block because of her. Bay is the one that told Christmas that Day was her untouchable. Consequently, Christmas put both of them on the block.

Big Brother All-Stars Day and Christmas

Day went to have a one-to-one with Christmas to see where her head was and who the target was for the week. Christmas swore to Day that she was targeting Bay, and Day was her ally. Day didn’t know if she was trusty worthy enough to believe her, but what choice did she have?

Black Girl Magic Showdown

Bayleigh was rightfully upset with Christmas about the noms this week, and Day stepped in to defend her to Christmas. Day explained that her and Bay looked at Tyler’s offer to leave the game as a gift. When Christmas ignored that request from Tyler and kept both Bay and Day on the block, feelings intensified.

Day kept trying to explain that Bay gave Christmas personal game information. Meanwhile, Christmas kept saying there is no such thing as personal game information. An ugly fight ensued and Day had a breakdown in the backyard while Bay continued on with Christmas. Fingers were put into faces, and the entire house was trying to calm down the three as they went at it. It got ugly, lines were crossed, and things were said.

Week Five Live Eviction

Dani Donato Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Ian Terry Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Cody Calafiore Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Enzo Palumbo Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Tyler Votes to Evict Bayleigh
David Alexander Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Memphis Garrett Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Nicole Franzel Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Kevin Campbell Votes to Evict Bayleigh

Big Brother All-Stars Eviction

By a vote of 9-0, Bayleigh was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight. During her interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Bay said she definitely felt betrayed by HOH Christmas. Julie asked Bay if she had won HOH this week would she had put up Christmas and her untouchable Tyler. Bay said no, she probably would not have nominated them to the block.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Power Trip. Houseguests must hang onto a billboard for dear life. The last player standing wins HOH for the week. Also, the first three houseguests to fall will be have-nots for the week.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH Week 6

This is an endurance competition which should take quite some time. Interested in watching the comp live, click the blue footer below with Julie’s picture for a free month of CBS All Access. Join us again Sunday night, September 13 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the HOH results and block nominations.


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