Big Brother 16: Zach’s Mom Talks About Zankie [AUDIO]

Now that the Zankie love-fest on Big Brother 2014 is pretty much over, we are feeling kind of sad. Frankie Grande and Zach Rance are about as close as we got to a real showmance on Big Brother 16. We loved that Zach wasn’t afraid to be affectionate and downright naughty with Frankie even if he is straight.

Big Brother 2014 - Zankie (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 – Zankie (CBS)

The gay/straight #Zankie relationship broke down barriers on Big Brother and TV in general, and we’re grateful it lasted as long as it did. Even Zach’s mother is pretty sure her son is straight, but feels proud that he’s a “very affectionate person” and isn’t afraid to show it when he feels it. No matter who he happens to be showing it to.

“Zachary doesn’t have any bias towards anybody,” Zach’s mom said in a recent interview. “He really doesn’t. Zachary doesn’t care the color of your skin, what your sexual orientation is, what your religion is, he doesn’t care about that.” Plus, momma Rance said, Zach just loves “to make people happy.”

>> Listen to Jill Rance’s interview about Zach & Zankie here. (pop-up window) <<

We honestly had a few tears in our eyes listen to momma Rance talk about her son and his relationship with Frankie on Big Brother 2014. If only everyone could be so open and accepting of their children and how they show affection. And if only all guys could be so comfortable in their skin as to be so close to another guy even if they aren’t gay, just because they like them that much.

Too bad it looks like Zankie is over for good now that Frankie has stabbed Zach in the back one too many times. What a way to mess up a good thing!


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