Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week One Power of Veto Ceremony Results

NOTE: The following information has not yet aired on Big Brother 16 on CBS. The first Power of Veto Ceremony of the summer has just concluded and we have the results!

Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Caleb (CBS)
In case you haven’t caught up to what’s transpired so far, here’s a brief recap:

Frankie and Caleb became the first two Heads of Household of the season. Each nominated the first few who fell during the first HoH competition (Brittany/Victoria and Donny/Paola, respectively).
Brittany and Victoria won the first Battle of the Block competition, which took them off the block and dethroned Frankie. With Donny and Paola left on the block, the power alliance targeted Donny as they believed him to be much smarter than he lets on.
Donny, however, won the Power of Veto competition, forcing the house to consider a replacement for Caleb to nominate.
The Bomb Squad alliance (Frankie/Zach/Caleb/Devin/Amber/Christine/Cody/Derrick) quickly settled on Joey as a replacement. Their rationale was that she played too hard too soon by forming the all female alliance named El Cuatro.
Joey gleaned that she was the target as a result of her confessing her participation in the failed alliance. Yesterday, Joey announced to the house that Caleb would be asking the Houseguests for their opinion on whom to nominate.
After speaking with Derrick and Zach, Joey decided it was in her best interests to be honest and tell Devin that she wanted him to go on the block and then to go home. She apologized profusely and gave off the impression that it was a done deal.
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Joey (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguest Joey (CBS)
The rest of the house was bewildered by Joey’s rash act, and believed that she had definitely sealed her fate as the first evictee of the summer.
While Zach, Derrick, and Cody acknowledged that it would be good to get rid of Devin sooner rather than later, it was obvious that Caleb would stick to the plan and nominate Joey.
The Power of Veto Ceremony has just concluded: Donny removed himself from the block and Caleb placed Joey in his place.
It will be interesting to watch Joey try to secure the votes to stay. While she may get the support of Brittany, Nicole, and maybe even Hayden, it is extremely doubtful that she will get enough support to stay over Paola, who has largely dropped off the radar.
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