Big Brother 2014 Recap: Season 16 Episode 3 – 6/29/14

Big Brother 16 continues tonight on CBS with the third episode of the season. Tonight, we see who the two Heads of Household (Caleb and Frankie) choose to nominate for eviction. Then, we will see the first ever Battle of the Block competition between the four nominees.

Big Brother 16 Houseguests (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Houseguests (CBS)

With this season’s twist, two Heads of Household nominate four Houseguests for eviction. The four nominees then compete as duos in the Battle of the Block competition, a new addition to this season of Big Brother. The winning duo exits the block and dethrones their nominating HoH in the process. The losing duo and their nominating  HoH remain in place and compete in the Power of Veto (PoV) competition with three other Houseguests.While those who have watched the Live Feeds know the results of the HOHs’ nominations and the Battle of the Block competition, this episode will show us the actual competitions and will reveal exactly how the nominating process works. We will also gain insight into what the Houseguests are really thinking through Diary Room sessions.

We learn that Frankie asks Caleb to work with him on day one in the joint HoH room. Devin and Derrick become the first members to join Frankie and Caleb. The talk started with forming an all-male alliance. They wanted to bring in Cody and Zach, but not Hayden. The name Bomb Squad began with Frankie, Caleb, Devin, and Derrick.

The initial goal of the Bomb Squad is to rid the house of floaters.

We also gained insight into the beginning of the relationship between Christine and Nicole, dubbed “Nicotine” by the Internet. They immediately bonded as they believed themselves to be outsiders of the house.

Devin tells Donny to be assured that Double Ds are in it to win it.

Caleb immediately senses Brittany as a target, mentioning her quickly fading smile. Caleb initially wants to put up a guy and a girl from each side. He wants to choose the nominees that will put the least amount of blood on their hands.

In terms of the process of HoHs making nominees, each HoH chooses an egg that has a number 1 or 2. This designates the order of the HoHs making nominations. Rather than the large circular block of the non-nominated Houseguests, there are two small rectangular blocks with the two nominees. Once the keys are turned, the pictures of the nominated Houseguests appear on the new digital screens.

As we knew from Live Feed reports, Caleb nominates Donny and Paola while Frankie nominates Brittany and Victoria because they all fell first in the first HoH competitions. Victoria immediately began to cry at being nominated by Frankie.

Devin immediately approached Donny and told him to fight. Paola followed him and asked him to stay strong for them so they can exit the block.

Nicotine immediately began jumping around the storage room at not being nominated. Caleb got teary-eyed as well upon having to make nominations.

Frankie pulled Victoria aside and told her that she wasn’t going home. He tells her that he only put her up because Paola’s name wasn’t in the box. This assertion also gives us more insight into the nominating process: the first HoH gets first choice on who to nominate.

Devin unilaterally decides to bring Christine and Amber into the Bomb Squad. This brings the alliance up to eight members. He becomes extremely paranoid and ticks off many members of the Bomb Squad.

In the first ever Battle of the Block competition, the Houseguests dressed up in formal attire. The had to swing on chandeliers to pass liquid into martini glasses to fill up a champagne flute to make a ball fall out. All competitors struggled at first to start the swinging process, especially Donny and Paola.

After Brittany and Victoria started to take an early lead, Donny and Paola began to catch up as the got into the swing of things, literally.

Brittany and Victoria filled up their flute enough to cause a ball to leave it, making them the winning duo of the first Battle of the Block competition of the summer! This win also dethroned Frankie as the second Head of Household, leaving Caleb the sole HoH in the house.

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