Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction Predictions-Will Gr8ful Blindside Nick and Bella?

Tonight should be the night that makes the end of Gr8ful official. It will be all about the Six Shooters going forward. All week, Nick Maccarone has tried to ensure Gr8ful that Isabella Wang and him are loyal to them above anyone else. They want to play this game as an eight (plus Sam Smith) as far as possible. The Six Shooters just can’t fully trust Nick, Sam, and Bella, and It will all come to light tonight.

All week, Nick and Bella have been confident that Nicole Anthony will walk into Camp Comeback alongside David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, andKemi Fakunle. He’s been so sure that Cliff Hogg III is safe, and been telling Cliff that as well.

Meanwhile, Gr8ful haven’t been changing their mind about keep Nicole and voting out Cliff. If anything, they have been more debating on whether to not blindside Nick and Bella, and then tell them about their decision, or they have debated whether to include Kathryn Dunn in on the plan or not. We still have several hours before tonight’s Live Big Brother 21 eviction, but things seem pretty set at the moment.

Here’s how we see the votes going:

Analyse Talavera votes to evict Cliff
Bella votes to evict Nicole
Christie Murphy votes to evict Cliff
Holly Allen votes to evict Cliff
Jack Matthews votes to evict Cliff
Jackson Michie votes to evict Cliff
Jessica Milagros votes to evict Nicole
Kat votes to evict Nicole
Sam votes to evict Nicole
Tommy Bracco votes to evict Cliff

Cliff is evicted by a vote of 6-4

We’re guessing that tonight will be an endurance HOH competition to add to the drama, so expect lots of excitement and drama following the eviction and the Camp Comeback competition.

Who do you want to see evicted tonight on Big Brother 21? And who do you want to see return from Camp Comeback.

Join us again later tonight for a full recap of all the Big Brother 21 Live Eviction results.

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