Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 29: The Last Day of Camp Comeback and the Kat Debate

Yesterday’s Big Brother 21 Live Feeds marked the last official full day of the Camp Comeback campers. Tonight, the four campers will compete to return to the Big Brother game. Right now, David Alexander, Ovi Kabir, and Kemi Fakunle wait to meet the final member of Camp Comeback, and then all face off in some sort of vote or competition. Things became a lot more real for the campers when their suitcases arrived.

Frustrations for the campers have been building up, and Kemi was really over it, which was understandable, especially because she was the main subject of the day. The current houseguests continued to discuss Kemi and say their grievance and discuss her behind her back. The little whispers about Kemi got back to her via other players informing her of the acts and discussions against her.

At one point, Jessica Milagros and Kemi discussed how people were complaining and trying to police activities, like telling people how to store, eat, or share food. They also talked about things they heard mentioned in the house, especially against Kemi. Kemi was even shocked to find out that Kathryn Dunn had joined the anti-Kemi brigade, as she felt she never did anything to deserve hostility from her. Kemi was trying to keep it cool because she didn’t want to be portrayed as bitch for snapping on people.

Meanwhile, Gr8ful continued to plot their blindside of Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang. Nick was so confident in the vote going his way that he told Cliff Hogg III that he had nothing to worry about. He would be safe. Nick also said that he would be angry if the numbers didn’t go as he expected.

Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, and Tommy Bracco all wanted to let Kat know about the vote flip. However, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen didn’t want to tell Kat. They thought she would not know how to keep it to herself. Holly also thought that if she voted with the other side, she could continue to play a mole for them. Christie and Analyse just worried that by not telling Kat, they would lose her trust. With Holly and Jackson being so against telling Kat, Christie started to worry that she was being tricked. She worried that the four of them (Jack Matthews, Tommy, Analyse, and herself) were the ones who were really being blindsided. Tommy assured her that that wasn’t the case.

Eventually, Gr8ful talked it out some more and decided to let Kat know at the very last minute. Then she could decide what was best for her game: vote out Cliff to be included with Gr8ful or vote out Nicole Anthony to continue to play the mole part. Jackson and Holly later decide that they’ll tell Kat but will also make sure she votes out Nicole to continue to be the mole.

Sam Smith and Christie had a game talk. Christie shared that she wanted David Alexander to be the returning Camp Comeback player because he would take shots that she couldn’t. Also the houseguests became confused about eviction and thought it was happening that night. Christie and some others decided to play on that fear. They pranked the houseguests by pretending Julie Chen appeared on the screen for a surprise eviction.

There was some fear, but the reaction was minimum.

Jackson encourages Davis to make his way back into the game. He tells him that he won’t be his target and then they can talk game.

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