Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Final HoH Competition Part 2 Results!

The second part of the final Big Brother 15 Head of Household Competition took place late Saturday evening and we have the spoilers for you on who won! The HouseGuest who won this round of the last HoH Comp of the season will go up against the winner of the first round to decide who makes it to the final two.

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We waited anxiously all day for the second phase of the last Big Brother 2013 HoH Competition to start up. And then we had to wait most of the evening as well. Apparently production has decided they like to keep the fan site bloggers up way late this season as some sort of crazy punishment for publishing all our fabulous spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Finally though, the cameras switched to trivia around 7:30 PM BBT for the second round of the HoH. Unfortunately we did not actually get to watch the action live on the Feeds but that’s the usual for this particular event. We’ll have to wait until the CBS Big Brother 15 show for that. Meanwhile, however, you can check out the spoilers on who won below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below!


If the second round of the final HoH Competition was similar to previous years, this was a combination physical/mental skill challenge. As the winner of the first round of the final HoH Comp, GinaMarie Zimmerman sat this second phase out. The winner of the second part will face off live against GM on Wednesday on Big Brother 15 finale night to determine who will have a guaranteed spot in the final two and get to pick who else will face the Jury vote with them.

Going into the battle, Andy Herren had two HoHs and two Veto Comp wins under his belt. Spencer Clawson had one HoH and one Veto Comp win. To us, neither one really had a clear advantage in a physical dual but Andy seemed likely to have an edge on the mental half of the challenge. So, really, it was a toss up who would win.

When the Live Feeds finally came back up at 10:18 PM BBT, we quickly found out that the winner of the second round of the last BB15 Head of Household Competition was… Andy! So Andy and GinaMarie will compete in the final round of the HoH. Whoever wins will decide which of the other two they will take to the final two.

Sounds like it was quite the stressful competition with climbing and a puzzle matching game all rolled into one challenge.Spencer and Andy are both glad they weren’t up against GinaMarie because they think she would have kicked their a**es. Spencer says he is depressed… and looks that way. He shouldn’t be. If we were GinaMarie OR Andy, we’d SO take Spencer to the final two instead of the other option.

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Stay tuned with us all week long for the race to the Big Brother 2013 finale on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 9:30 PM ET. We’ll bring you all the latest spoilers, news, gossip and more as it happens! Don’t forget, you can also still grab a two-day free trial of the Big Brother Live Feeds to watch the last week of action behind the scenes inside the house!

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