Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Report

The final three Big Brother 15 cast members have only a few days left and you can tell, because it’s dead boring inside the house right now. We’d love to see GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren and Spencer Clawson get into some kind of crazy, three-way Hunger Games style battle to spice things up on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Alas, it looks more likely that they are just going to continue to sit around rehashing the same things over and over, when they aren’t smack talking about previous HouseGuests.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (20)

As it stands right now, all three remaining HouseGuests are promising each other that they will still be faithful to their final two deals. We await the outcome of the final round of the last Big Brother 2013 Head of Household Competition to find out who is really telling the truth. Meanwhile, you can peek inside the house with us in our latest Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and decide for yourself who you think will really end up as the last two to face the Jury.


12:45 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Andy reaffirm their final two deal and promises that they will take each other to the final two. GM won the first leg of the final HoH Comp and Andy won the second. They will battle each other in the third round on the live show on Wednesday. Whichever one wins will get to choose the other person to go to the finale. We think the wisest thing for either of them would actually be to take Spencer. Who in the Jury is going to vote for Spencer? And can we slap them if they do?

1:00 AM BBT: GM and Andy reminisce about past stuff this season. They do a bit of trash talking about Elissa and how she’s going to hate them both at the finale. Spencer joins them and GinaMarie goes off to the Diary Room.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (4)1:05 AM BBT: Spencer is depressed that he didn’t win either of the first two rounds of the HoH Comp and now he has to rely on someone else deciding to take him to the final two. Andy says he is weighing all his options but he thinks GinaMarie is terrifying. They talk about what an intense challenge the second round of the Head of Household Competition was and how both of their d*cks hurt from being squished. (They were in harnesses climbing/rappelling something.) GM comes out of the Diary Room and Andy is called in.

1:25 AM BBT: GM and Spencer talk about the third segment of the HoH Comp, which will be a question and answer session. Spencer thinks she and Andy are pretty equal in their knowledge going into the challenge. Andy comes out of DR. Spencer says he’s pretty drunk after having three beers. GM talks about winning a bunch of pageants and now she runs pageants. (Not anymore, her employer fired her over her racist comments earlier in the season.) Spencer says Candice said she was a pageant queen. GM says Candice can “lick a f**king dirty a**hole because she ain’t sh*t” and she’s never heard of her. (And this was the woman people were letting their teenage daughters be mentored by in the pageant world. Yikes.) GM says she would kick Aaryn’s a** if they were in a pageant together. They mock Aaryn for a bit.

2:30 AM BBT: GM, Spencer and Andy play cards. That’s about it. Finally they go to bed.

… Slow crawl forward to the afternoon…

2:15 PM BBT: It’s nearly twelve hours later before anything at all interesting happens inside the house since the final three sleep pretty much that whole time. Okay, well, interesting is relative. More like twelve hours before ANYTHING happens. Finally, they crawl out of bed and Andy asks the DR when the backyard will finally be open. He comes out and tells Spencer they told him they will get it when they get it. Andy whines and complains some more about not being allowed outside.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (11)2:35 PM BBT: Production finally allows the HouseGuests out into the backyard. Andy and GM run outside screaming GM puts on her bikini to lay out. Andy wants to do his laundry. Spencer doesn’t care and goes back to bed. Andy and GM briefly reconfirm their final two deal. Andy tells GM part of her nipple is coming out. GM chatters away about what she’s going to wear at the finale so people will remember her and not confuse her with that other blond, Aaryn.

2:41 PM BBT: GinaMarie covers herself with vegetable oil to lay out in the sun. Nothing like a good basting to roast yourself properly.

Andy goes inside and laughingly tells Spencer that GM was talking about her clothes for the finale while her nipple was peeking out the whole time. They talk about losing weight inside the house. Spencer jokes that he gained 15 pounds on the Elissersize exercise diet. Andy jokes that he became a bigot and had racist thoughts while on the Elissersize diet.

3:15 PM BBT: Spencer says some more BS about Marilyn blah blah blah. (If Spencer wins a lot of money, we bet she’s his girlfriend again. If he doesn’t, we bet she flees the other direction as quickly as humanly possible.)

3:20 PM BBT: GinaMarie comes out of the Diary Room and says she had four stitches taken out. Spencer tells her she heals so fast she’s like Wolverine from the comic book. More random chatter.

4:20 PM BBT: Andy tells production they should send someone in for a couple of hours for them to talk to. (Because it’s so dead boring in there.) Spencer says they should send Andy a gay intern so they can make out. GM says yeah, give them something to watch!

4:50 PM BBT: Spencer asks questions about gay sex and how guys decide what position they are going to be in. Andy says he is fine with either position but has a friend that will never “bottom.” Spencer wants to know if that is considered selfish. (Really, this is the stuff these HouseGuests talk about on camera.)

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (17)5:00 PM BBT: Time for the last photobooth session. They crowd in to take silly pictures for a bit.

6:30 PM BBT: GM, Spencer and Andy talk about the other HouseGuests and who they will want to talk to after the show. Andy talks about how McCrae was so pu**y whipped it made him blind. Spencer says he really hopes McCrae doesn’t make a big mistake moving to Florida to be with Amanda.

7:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie says Jessie looked like a midget and had a pot belly. Spencer thinks thinks she was cute. The final three talk about their Exterminator victories in getting out Aaryn and Amanda.

7:55 PM BBT: Spencer tells GM he believes she can win the third round of the final HoH Competition and he has faith in her.

8:40 PM BBT: Spencer and GM talk about Howard and Candice’s sex lives. The HouseGuests are really bored. They take the googly eyeballs off of some props from a previous competition and start messing around with them.

8:50 PM BBT: Production gives the final three some beer. No doubt hoping they will either do something funny or shut up and go to sleep. They drink and tour around the house talking about past events and previous HouseGuests.

Andy takes them out to the backyard where David showed him his butt. GM takes them to the hammock and says it was her favorite Nick spot. She says she asked him if he would kiss her and he said he would on day 90. Spencer takes them to the Have Not room door and says after being in the house 30 seconds, Jeremy came to him and Howard and made a final three deal. Spencer takes them to the bathroom and says he saw Kaitline’s boob when he came in to take a sh*t.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Sunday Live Feeds Highlights (24)9:25 PM BBT: GinaMarie reenacts Aaryn’s infamous bed-flipping incident where she threw Candice’s mattress against the wall. They keep going with tours for Judd, Jessie and Helen. They finally quit walking around and just do Aaryn and Amanda while sitting in the living room. When they get to Elissa, they just make sh*t up. They all talk about how they miss good Judd (the post-eviction, returned Judd).

11:00 PM BBT: GM rehashes her fight with Amanda and says you don’t mess with “Nick and Nick’s stuff,” her word, her makeup or her clothes. She can’t wait to find out who really was Most Valuable Player all the weeks they didn’t know.

12:00 AM BBT: The final three keep talking about previous HouseGuests. They give them awards like Best Dressed Girl – Elissa, Best Smile – Aaryn, Best Facial Hair – Spencer (because McCrae looked like a ‘dirty prostitute salesman p*dophile in his beard). They all think Kaitlin was the weirdest person in the house for her strange food habits and the way she would tweezer the hair on her stomach. They think Amanda had the loudest mouth and she was the worst sport. Then they get into some gross stuff we aren’t going to repeat.

1:10 AM BBT: Andy and GM talk about how Spencer is feeding them both the same lines about taking anyone but him would be the “500,000 mistake.” They again reconfirm their final two deal.

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