Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 12 Sunday Recap — Final HoH Comp Begins!

The Big Brother 15 finale takes place Wednesday night and the final three HouseGuests are as ready as we are for a winner to finally be crowned. Last night’s Sunday episode of Big Brother 2013 was primarily a clips show about events that have happened so far this season and it was a bit boring. Still, there were a few good moments to enjoy and we got to watch the start of the final Head of Household Competition.

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Our Big Brother recap for Sunday night starts out with the requisite intro and video montage from the previous episode to kick off the show. We move onward to where things left off at the end of Thursday night’s show right after GinaMarie Zimmerman used her sole vote to evict McCrae Olson.

Andy Herren is concerned that McCrae may be able to turn some of the Jury members against him because he is bitter at being betrayed. Spencer Clawson jokes about making a Big Brother record for being up on the block more times than anyone in the show’s history. Of course, he was never actually a target for any of those nominations.

9-13-2013 10-55-09 AMWe revisit the moment when The Exterminators revealed their existence to McCrae right before he was voted off. Andy pretty much told McCrae everything about how the alliance got together and how “they” are responsible for getting Aaryn Gries, Elissa Sater, Amanda Zuckerman and him evicted. (They are very full of themselves like they were in absolute control for all of this.) Judd Daughtery, of course, wasn’t meant to get evicted — but when McCrae won the Power of Veto that week, they had no choice.

Now it’s time for us to watch what we consider to be one of the most boring parts of the whole Big Brother season — the clips review. The final three HouseGuests sit down for brunch and read out a whole lot of scripted text while we get video montages of past events inside the house. Some of it is old footage, some of it is new, like McCrae and Amanda’s fake Big Brother 15 wedding.

We go over stuff like the formation of The Moving Company — one of the biggest failures of an alliance ever on Big Brother. We have some stuff about Jeremy stealing wine and how that turned into a big fight. Then we have a whole bunch of clips about Elissa, including how Judd was the first person to realize she was Rachel Reilly’s sister.

Next up is a whole slew of clips about the various showmances this season, although it’s mostly all about Amanda and McCrae. Fans who actually care about it finally get to see footage from their fake wedding, which Live Feeds subscribers watched in all its full cheesiness when it happened.

Then it’s time to flash back to some of the more epic fights in the house this season, including a fun one between Amanda and GinaMarie right before Amanda was sent out the door. GM basically nailed Amanda into the floor. She is the queen of humiliating, nasty insults if you rile her up.

Finally, the clips portion of the show is over and we get to the first round of the final Head of Household Competition. GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy are dressed up in roller skates and helmets for a torturous disco-themed skating endurance challenge. They have to skate around a rink while holding onto a handle above their heads and avoiding knocking over three rows of cones set around the floor. It’s obvious from the beginning that Spencer is going to be really bad at this and GinaMarie looks the most comfortable.

And then it’s time for the show to be over, before we get to watch the end of the round and find out who won. That’s okay though, because we have full details on the first leg of the final Head of Household Competition and spoilers on who won it in our recap from the Live Feeds after the CBS show went off the air. Just click on the link below to find out what happened!

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