Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 23 Highlights- Brandi’s Last Day in the House?

Yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother house, it was the night before a surprise double eviction. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests have speculated about when they would face one. Today is that day, but they have no idea. James Maslow did, smartly, plan just in case this event occured today.

Celebrity Big Brother Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi Glanville

He made sure that Mark McGrath took the Head of Household, so he could play for the double eviction one. Before double eviction can start, the houseguests tried to not let the Brandi Glanville bomb go off in the house.

Most of the morning, the players, specifically Mark, James, Ross Mathews, and Marissa Jaret Winokur, worried about what Brandi would say or do to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Once Ariadna Gutierrez used the Veto to save herself, a little bit of panic hit Marissa.

She even started packing. There was also tension between Brandi and her as both were fighting to stay in the game. Brandi tried to lighten the mood a little by making a fake announcement, but it didn’t go over as well as she hoped.

Omarosa, Ari, and Brandi had quite a few private game conversations this week. Yesterday, Omarosa stressed the importance of Brandi using her day 1 deal with Ross to guilt him into voting out Marissa. Eventually, Brandi and Ross talked about this deal and his vote for the upcoming eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Day 23

Brandi tries her best to get him to keep her, but he says Marissa has been more loyal to him in the game. He knows he’s known Brandi longer and she’s a friend outside the game, but inside the game keeping her is not good for him.

Brandi eventually accepts this, but tries to expose their deal later that night. However, Ross already told everyone about it. Therefore it does nothing to help Brandi’s’ game. The night ends with Brandi still trying to save her game and strategizing with Ari and Omarosa. They all believe James Maslow needs to go next, followed by Ross and then Marissa.

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