Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/18/18) New HOH & Block Nominees

Now that one of Big Brother’s biggest fans, Shannon Elizabeth, has been evicted,  clearly no one inside the house is safe. Shannon sealed her own fate with her self-proclaimed super fan status and by overplaying the Celebrity Big Brother game.

Celebrity Big Brother Omarosa wins HOH in Week 3

The Celebrity Big Brother house felt threatened by her and took advantage of the situation to eliminate her as a threat. Who will be crowned the next Head of Household (HOH),and who will be the next two nominees?  Let’s find out now.

We pick up at the onset of the Big Brother HOH competition called “Courtside Seats.” This was an endurance comp where the houseguests hung onto their courtside basketball seats while the seats were attached to a wall angled forward. The last Celebrity Big Brother houseguest hanging onto their seat will win the coveted HOH; the first three houseguests to fall from their seats would have to eat the infamous slop.

Metta World Peace is the first houseguest to fall from his seat around the 32 minute mark. Just shy of 40 minutes, Ross Mathews is the next casualty. And at and 1:04, Mark McGrath is the final houseguest of the first 3 to fall from their seat, and he will be assigned slop for the next 48 hours in the Big Brother house.

Omarosa, James Maslow, and Brandi Glanville are only houseguests remaining in the HOH competition. Not only does the wall keep tilting forward, but the houseguests are also being blasted with souvenir t-shirts, water, and small basketballs–all in an effort to make them fall from their seats. Just shy of an hour and a half, Brandi could not hold on any longer and fell to the ground, leaving James and Omarosa in the competition for the next HOH in Celebrity Big Brother.

James began to really struggle with hanging onto his seat, so he started to talk with Omarosa about a deal.  She offered James complete safety during her HOH. The other houseguests tried to convince James to stay in the comp and not take the deal. James knew he would not be able to hang on much longer, and he took the safety deal with her. Omarosa won this week’s HOH competition.

Metta, Ross, and Mark were introduced to their “slop” diet for the next 48 hours. Mark related the slop to baby barf and shared how tough this will be for him. Meanwhile, Metta thinks he will be OK with slop, but he shared how much he will miss eating beans over the next 48 hours. You just have to love Metta.

As you may recall, Shannon was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house by a vote of 5 to 1. One person voted for Mark to be evicted, and that voter was Brandi.  She confessed her rogue vote to Ariadna Gutiérrez, the outgoing HOH, right before the recently completed HOH competition. Ari gave Brandi her word that she would not share that information with anyone else.

There was not much time elapsed before most of the Big Brother house were made aware of Brandi’s rogue vote. Ross assumed that Brandi voted for Mark to solicit a jury vote from Shannon.  Her alliance with Ross, Ari and Marissa is now in jeopardy as they are unsure if they can continue to trust Brandi. Brandi told everyone that she felt sorry for Shannon and that was the only reason she voted for Mark.

Omarosa questioned Ari about the rogue vote and assumed the vote was made by Ross. She has made Ross her target for eviction this week. While discussing the vote, Brandi confessed to Omarosa that it was her that made It. Now that Omarosa knows about the Brandi vote, she wants to make sure she spins it to her advantage, but she is not sure how to do that as of now.

All of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were gathered into the living room for a special announcement. They are told that there will be a new twist in the game coming their way. America is currently voting to twist up the next Power of Veto. The new twist will be revealed prior to the live POV competition happening tonight. The houseguests begin guessing what the twist will be, but most agree they are looking forward to the twist.

Omarosa divulged in the diary room that she needs to make some plans and alliances in the Big Brother house so that her HOH is successful. She immediately made a deal with Mark and offered him safety in return for the same from him. The safety included no backdoors from either also. Omarosa made a deal with Metta for support in evicting Ross, done deal. Lastly, Omarosa met with James and offered the same deal to him making a 4-person alliance of herself, Metta, Mark and James.

At the nomination ceremony, Omarosa nominated Ross and Brandi to the block for eviction. She explained to Ross that he was nominated because he made the game personal by questioning her credibility, her integrity and by spreading seeds of doubt about her. Next, Omarosa nominated Brandi because of her rogue vote for Mark during the last eviction. Game on!

Tune in tonight for the live Power of Veto competition and eviction.

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