Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Predictions: Week 3- Will the Veto Twist Save Ross or Brandi?

Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother eviction is a complete mystery. Going into tonight’s episode and live eviction, it all comes down to the Power of Veto. Not only that, but it depends on which Veto twist got the most votes on Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother Ross Mathews and Branndi Glanville

On Friday, Julie Chen announced a major Celebrity Big Brother Veto vote. Viewers would have to pick between three choices: VIP, Spotlight, and Diamond. Big Brother fans are most familiar with the Diamond veto, which grants the winner the power to remove a nominee, and then name their own one.

We have seen different versions of this Veto throughout the latter seasons of Big Brother. It’s one of the most powerful Vetoes and twists in the game. The other two Vetoes are completely new concepts.

The VIP Veto is the most powerful one of this twist. It grants someone the power either to use the Veto once, twice, or not at all. He or she then must watch the Head of Household name a nominee, and then he or she can decide to use the Veto again or not. The final Veto is the Spotlight one, and has the least power. It just forces the Veto to be used.

Celebrity Big Brother Spotlight Veto Logo

This is the least impactful because if the Veto winner is someone on the block, it was going to be used anyway. Additionally, there are always two people on the block, one a pawn (or someone the HOH want out but not as much as the other person), and the target. With this Veto, someone could just remove the non-target and another pawn could go up on the block.

Based on the polls, it’s going to come down to the VIP or Spotlight Veto. The Spotlight Veto was winning the majority of the polls, but the VIP one was starting to pull ahead in these last few days.

We predict that the Spotlight veto will end up being the winner. We have no clue who is playing in the POV yet but we believe that Ross Mathews will win it, or someone will use it to save him, and then Brandi Glanville will go home.

We predict Brandi will be evicted tonight by a 4 to 1 vote.

Join us later tonight to see if our Celebrity Big Brother prediction comes true.

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