Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 26: Videos from Home Spur Up Emotions

Yesterday nothing much happened on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds. As we approach the final days, we expect more or less of the same going into Wednesday’s finale. Today should have a little excitement as the Power of Veto competition takes place, and the ceremony on Tuesday.

Celebrity Big Brother-Tamar Braxton

The Celebrity Big Brother houseguests spent most of the day playing games like Chess and cards. Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss had a brief discussion about studying the days. But for the most part, the houseguests weren’t thinking too hard about the game. Instead, they were looking ahead to life outside of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house.

Big Brother surprised them with some videos from home. Kandi received a video from her husband and son. Ricky Williams received a video from his wife, who recently cut off her hair. Lolo Jones got a video from her training partner. Dina’s video was from her daughter Ally, and Tamar Braxton‘s video was from her son.

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Houseguests get Videos from Home

Lolo was the one most disappointed about her video. She said she rather have had one from her dog. Tamar because very emotional seeing her video, and Ricky tried to encourage her. She said she felt selfish and it was hard seeing her son sad. Ricky let her know that it was okay she was doing Celebrity Big Brother 2.

Kandi and Tamar had a brief talk about the Veto as well. Tamar told her she was okay with Lolo going on the block, but she didn’t know if she would use the Veto. Kandi also worried that if Lolo won the Veto that Tamar would go on the block.

Celebrity Big Brother Houseguests get Videos from Home

Today, the Veto competition will play out. This may be Kandi’s last chance to save herself, because we doubt Tamar will use the Veto to save her.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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