Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 25: Could Lolo Become the Target?

The final five Celebrity Big Brother houseguests had the annual look back on the season breakfast. This time Celebrity Big Brother 1’s Mark McGrath joined them for the memory show. The simple meal and introduction to the Celebrity Big Brother clip show caused some paranoia.

Celebrity Big Brother-Lolo Jones

Dina Lohan thought some of the things Mark said might have been hints. Apparently, he mentioned more twists and more game to play, and it sent Dina’s head spinning. Lolo Jones also commented how the food was a disappointment.

Meanwhile, most of the day revolved around Tamar Braxton, Lolo, and Head of Household Ricky Williams discussing the next move. They already knew that he planned to nominate Kandi Burruss and Dina for eviction. They discussed who they would evict.

The new trio made a case for evicting both Dina and Kandi. They also talked about what to do if the Veto was used. This would force Ricky to nominate Tamar or Lolo. He asked Tamar if she cared which one went on the block?

Celebrity Big Brother Dina Lohan

She said that she did. Ricky and Tamar also discussed taking out Lolo this week. Ricky said he didn’t feel comfortable targeting her at this stage, but if the Veto was used, he would take it as a sign to get her out.

Dina took her nomination the worst. She was crying, tweeting, and talking to the evicted Celebrity Big Brother houseguests. She told Tom Green that he was right about the mean behavior and attitudes. Tamar and the others discussed Dina’s attitude, and whether it might lead to an issue between her and Tamar.

Lolo and Tamar joked about their fight probably ending up on The Shade Room, and how Lolo said that publication is always mean to her. There was a talk about Kandi and Tamar’s relationship outside of the house.

Celebrity Big Brother Tamar Braxton

Tamar believes that Kandi surrounds herself with toxic people. She said that that makes them competitive and jealous. She thinks Kandi is jealous of her, and always trying to make herself look better. Tamar also said that winning the Celebrity Big Brother money is important to her. The money is only a small amount compared to Kandi’s income. She wouldn’t value it as much.

Ricky made his nominations, and now we just have to wait to see how the Power of Veto (likely happening today) plays out. It could completely change the outcome of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 finale.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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