Who Went Home On Celebrity Big Brother 2 Tonight-Double Eviction? (02/08/2019)

On the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2, the newly crowned Head of Household, Tom Green, nominated Natalie Eva Marie and Ricky Williams to the block for eviction.  Now that Tom’s ride-or-die, Kato Katelin, was evicted, he has been a target himself in the house.  He ran away with the last competition called Celebrity Tumbling Dice which saved him from eminent eviction.

CBB HOH Tom Green

Now that Ricky and Lolo are on the block, they are desperate to win the Power of Veto to save their 3 person alliance with Lolo Jones.  Tonight’s episode will be a doozy as we will have an action packed 2-hour episode with two LIVE evictions coming our way.  Buckle up and enjoy!

Block Nomination Fallout

Needless to say, Ricky and Lolo are not very happy with Tom for nominating them to the block for eviction.  Thanks to Kandi Burruss, Tom changed his mind on who to nominate at the last minute.  She told Tom that Natalie was lying to him and was going to come after him as soon as she gets the chance.  Taking her advice, he nominated Ricky and Natalie instead of Ricky and Lolo. Tom is hoping that he or one of his alliance members (Dina Lohan, Tamar Braxton, and Kandi) can win the POV, and they can back door Lolo for eviction.

Lolo knows if she can win the POV, she can at least save herself and either Ricky or Natalie from the block.  On the other hand, if Tom or one of his 4 alliance members can grab the POV, they can surely send one of the athletes home.  Who gets chosen to play this critical for the next eviction.

Power of Veto Competition

Tom, Ricky and Natalie are automatically playing in this POV competition.  By random draw, Tamar, Kandi, and Dina were selected to play in this comp.  That leaves only Lolo as the only Big Brother houseguest that will not compete in the POV.  She can not save herself or one of her alliances from the block.  The odds are definitely in Tom’s favor now and Lolo knows it.

This competition is called Color Blast.  During each round, the houseguests will be shown a sequence of colors that they must try and memorize.  After the colors are shown, they will be asked a question about the exact sequence shown to them.  Answer incorrectly, and the houseguest is immediately eliminated from the competition.

In the first round, Ricky was kicked by answering the wrong color and was shot with colored slime.  Round two was not so good to Tamar or Kandi as both answered incorrectly.  Round three got Natalie and Dina leaving only Tom after just three rounds.  Tom has won the golden power of veto.

CBB Kandi Burruss

POV Aftermath

Tom reveals to Kandi that he definitely wants to go after Ricky.  He thinks Ricky is running the alliance, and the leader should be the first to go.  He also told Kandi that he wanted her to vote out Ricky or else he would pull down Natalie and replace her with Tamar.  That info did not go over well with Kandi who went right to Tamar with the info.

As expected, Tamar blew up at Tom.  Tom kept trying to tell Tamar that this is just a game, but she wanted no parts of what he had to say.  In the diary room, Tom informed us that he was no longer telling anyone any of his moves…even us via the diary room.  We all love a good surprise, right?

POV Ceremony

Before the ceremony, Tom did divulge to the cameras in his HOH bedroom that everyone in the Big Brother house was in for a big surprise at the POV meeting.  Here we go!

Tom chose to use the POV and veto’ed Ricky from the block.  In Ricky’s place, he nominated Lolo to the block for eviction.  Now, either Natalie or Lolo will be evicted tonight.

First Live Eviction Results

Kandi voted to evict Natalie
Tamar voted to evict Natalie
Ricky voted to evict Natalie
Dina voted to evict Natalie

By an unanimous vote of 4 to 0, Natalie was evicted from the Big Brother house.  During her exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Natalie is upset with herself for not winning HOH or the POV to save herself.

CBB Natalie Eva Marie

Breaking News Alert

The final Celebrity Big Brother twist was announced.  The houseguests gathered around to hear the news from Julie.  One of the remaining houseguests will be safe by winning Big Brother first…a safety competition.  The twist is that for their safety, they must sit out of the upcoming HOH competition.

Living Art

The houseguests will all enter the house at the same time and count the number of people disguised as art inside the Big Brother house.  The first houseguest to return back to their station with the correct answer wins this unique safety competition.  There is a limit of 90 seconds to compete the quest.

Tamar guessed 19 and was the closest to the correct answer of 22.  Tamar has won the safety competition.  She is guaranteed safety during the second eviction tonight, but she cannot participate in the upcoming HOH competition.

Head of Household Competition & Nominations

This HOH competition will be very similar to the Living Art Safety competition just played.  This time, the houseguests will enter the house and count how many of the living artists have left the Big Brother house.  The celebs have 90 seconds to count the number currently in the house and return to their station with the correct answer.

Lolo answered the question correctly and is the next Head of Household.  She had to nominate 2 houseguests to the block immediately.  Lolo put up Tom because he wins all the competitions.  Next, she nominated Kandi to the block after Julie almost took her newly won power away from her for taking too long.

Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Cousins.  The houseguests must watch a video about a new Big Brother sitcom called Cousins starring Metta World Peace and Ross Mathews from Celebrity Big Brother 2018.  Julie will ask true or false questions pertaining to the sitcom shown to them.  The houseguest with the most correct answers wins the Power of Veto.

In the first, second and third rounds, everyone answered correctly.  In the fourth round, Kandi, Tom Tamar and Dina all answered incorrectly.  In the fifth round, Lolo and Dina answered incorrectly.  The sixth round only Kandi and Tamar answered correctly.  There was a 3 way tie between Kandi, Ricky and Tamar going into the last round.  In the final round, Ricky and Tamar were tied and had to answer a number question to break the tie.  Their question was about the number of seconds of the sitcom.  Tamar won the POV.

POV Ceremony

Tamar did not use the power of veto so either Tom or Kandi will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Second Live Eviction Vote

Dina voted to evict Tom
Ricky voted to evict Tom
Tamar voted to evict Tom

By an unanimous vote of 3 to 0, Tom was evicted from the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie, Tom said he is rooting for Lolo to win the competition.  He also said he learned a lot about the way humans behave. He loved the opportunity.

CBB Tom Green

Julie spoke to the final 5 about finale night.   They will have one more HOH and POV as usual.  Then with the final four remaining, they will compete for the final and most powerful HOH of the season.  The winner of the final HOH will have to immediately evict 2 houseguests and take one with them into the vote.  Come back and join us Monday night for another episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2.

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