Big Brother 23 Episode 6 Recap: Will the Power Of Veto Cause A Splash Or Spill?

Kyland Young is the second Head of Household (HOH) inside the Big Brother 23 house. He did not struggle much with his decision as to whom to target for eviction this week. At the Block Nomination Ceremony, Kyland nominated Brandon “Frenchie” French and Britini D’Angelo for eviction this week.

Big Brother POV Competition Derek Xiao

Frenchie’s only saving grace would be the Power of Veto (POV) used to save him from the block. Tonight, Frenchie and company will compete for the POV. Can he save his game, bargain with another houseguest to save him, or ask his alliance, the Slaughterhouse, to save him? Let’s find out tonight on Big Brother 23.

Week Two Block Nominee Fallout

Britini is very upset with her nomination and feels she does not deserve to be on the block. Frenchie approached Kyland and asked him to talk to Britini and assure her that she is not the target. Frenchie said he still loves Kyland and isn’t holding any hard feelings against him. Frenchie vowed to win the POV and take himself off the block.

Everyone in the Big Brother 23 house seems relieved to have Frenchie on the block for eviction this week. After the chaos he caused, most of the houseguests feel like Frenchie deserves this.

Kyland spoke to Britini and told her she was nominated because every other person in the Big Brother 23 house wanted Frenchie evicted this week, except her. That put her on the block next to him and for no other reason.

Frenchie’s Blows Up His Own Alliance

Britini revealed to Frenchie what Kyland said about why she was nominated to the block with him. Frenchie immediately figured out that if this information is accurate, members of his own alliance have thrown him under the bus in the Big Brother 23 house.

Frenchie and Britini Hugging

Frenchie told Britini about the Slaughterhouse alliance. Her first question to him was how is he on the block this week when Kyland and he are in the alliance together. Frenchie agrees that is the question of the hour.

Frenchie starts telling the Big Brother 23 houseguests about the Slaughterhouse alliance. First up were Derek Xiao and Azah. He explained to them that there was a secret alliance and includes Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Brent Champagne, Whitney Williams, and himself. Frenchie left out Derek F. and Xavier Prather being in the alliance because he wants to work with them in the future.

Then Frenchie moved on to tell Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss. Tiffany and Claire are in a different alliance with Frenchie called the French Kiss. Both are surprised (but not really)Frenchie threw himself under the bus by admitting to being in a different alliance with other Big Brother 23 houseguests. Last up is to tell Sarah Beth Steagall.

Week Two Power Of Veto Competition

Kyland picks Alyssa to play in the POV. Frenchie picks Claire, and Britini picks Derek X. Frenchie knows that none of the Big Brother 23 houseguests selected will fight for him, and it will be on his shoulders alone to save his game by winning the POV.

This week’s POV competition is called Fun Tan Lotion, and here is how it is played. Each player will collect suntan lotion in their bucket and transfer it to their container. They will need to collect enough lotion to raise their whistle from the bottom of the container to the top.

Claire Rehfuss in Fun Tan Competition

The twist is different suntan bottles will squirt varying amounts of lotion, and it is the job of the houseguests to figure out which bottles to use that will fill their containers up the fastest. The first to collect their whistle win the POV. Each Big Brother 23 houseguest will play one at a time.

The player’s times for collecting the suntan lotion are as follows:

Britini finished in 5:08
Kyland finished in 4:54
Derek X. finished in 4:41
Claire finished in 5:33
Alyssa finished in 6:57
Frenchie finished in 5:06

Derek X. won his second POV competition of the Big Brother 23 season. Frenchie knows he is going home and started talking with his Joker teammates about self-evicting from the game. Derek F., Britini, and Azah do all they can to convince him to stay and fight another day. The talk worked and Frenchie decided to stay and fight.

Week Two Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV Ceremony, Derek X. decided not to use the POV. Therefore, the nominations made by Kyland earlier in the week will remain the same. Either Frenchie or Britini will be the second Big Brother 23 houseguest evicted tomorrow evening. Join us then for the live vote at 8/7c.


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