Big Brother 23 Week Two Alliances Update: Frenchie Versus The House

Week two inside the Big Brother 23 house has begun, and the alliances are starting to take shape. Unfortunately for last week’s Head of Household, Brandon “Frenchie” French, his own allies have turned against him along with the rest of the Big Brother 23 house. When the alliance you created no longer wants you as a member, your days are numbered.

Big Brother Alliance Sheet

Kyland Young won this week’s HOH competition. Not only is Ky in the highest position of power this week inside the Big Brother 23 house, but he is also a member of both of the largest and committed alliances. Ky is playing well this week, and he has an easy target for eviction.

Team Twist Alliance Implications

Big Brother 23 created a twist by allowing the team captains to select four teams of four to compete in the Wildcard Competitions during the first four weeks of the game. The four teams are the Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jokers as shown in the alliance sheet created by Big Brother Junkie (@89RazorSkate20) above. These are natural alliances that some of the teams have aligned more closely with their teammates than others.

The Kings, in particular, are working well together. Three of the four Kings’ members are also in the Slaughterhouse alliance. The King’s have already approached Kyland about wanting to take the Big Brother 23 HOH next week, and they have promised him and his team, the Queens, safety.

The Slaughterhouse Alliance

Last week during his reign as HOH, Frenchie created an alliance that he named the Slaughterhouse. He created the idea and name of this alliance before stepping foot inside the Big Brother 23 house. After all of the broken promises and chaos Frenchie spewed last week, his own alliance has turned against him. They want him evicted from the Big Brother house sooner rather than later. Superfan Frenchie is pretty fried in just week two.

The Slaughterhouse, sans Frenchie, currently includes Brent Champagne, Whitney Williams, Xavier Prather, Christian Birkenberger, Alyssa Lopez, Derek Frazier, and Kyland. With their founder on the outs, this alliance may not be around much longer. For the time being, most members are acting like the group is still intact per the instructions handed down from Kyland just on Monday per the Big Brother 23 Live Feeds.

Brent Champagne Big Brother 23

One member that is definitely questionable is Brent. Before making his final nominations to the block this week, Kyland had tossed around the idea of targeting Brent, but as we have seen, that did not come to fruition.

The Cookout Is Gaining Steam

Certainly, the most secure alliance with more than a couple of members has to be the Cookout. Once Frenchie is evicted (that’s inevitable this week), the Slaughterhouse may just go by the wayside. Three of the seven members of the Slaughterhouse are already together in the Cookout alliance. Those are Kyland, Xavier, and Derek Fraiser. 

When and if that happens, the Big Brother 23 house could become divided and equally split. That is when the gameplay will become very interesting. When you have a large house majority alliance that controls every move in the house, the gameplay is predictable and quite boring. That situation has been prevalent in the last few seasons of Big Brother.

When you have two equally sized alliances taking shots that go back and forth with one another, that is when things get really fun for the fans and viewers of Big Brother. Let’s just hope for the latter of the two scenarios rather than a predictable and boring remainder of the season.

Girl Power

Every season of Big Brother seems to struggle with creating a formidable all-girls alliance that remains intact to the end. Hopefully this season, things will be different. We are off to a good start.

Tiffany Michell Big Brother 23

The Kingslayers with Tiffany Mitchell, Claire Rehfuss, Britini D’Angelo, and Azah Awasum is currently the largest all-female alliance inside the Big Brother 23 house. Tiffany and Claire also have another all-female alliance with Sarah Beth Steagall. This alliance is called the Jackpot. Tiffany and Claire have a tight relationship being in both all-female alliances together, and they are both members of the Queen’s team with Kyland.

The Big Brother 23 alliances are taking shape and will surely continue to change as the weeks go by. Kyland is really sitting pretty this week with his alliances and the gift Frenchie gave him this week.

Due to Frenchie’s own self-destruction last week, Kyland has an easy eviction with little to no blood on his hands going forward. That type of situation doesn’t happen very often in the game of Big Brother, and Kyland needs to be appreciative of this gift going forward.

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